Banyak Perubahan pada World of Dragon Nest, Salah Satunya Menghilangkan Gender Lock

news Jan-14-2020

RPG LOVERS like cheerful cheers! Nexon with Eyedentity comes with the popular RPG game, World of Dragon Nest (WoD), which was released on January 8, 2020. By carrying a theme similar to its predecessor on PC, WoD offers the Player vs. Player experience, Dungeon, and of course 'Grinding' characters.

The mobile version of Dragon Nest has come under the name Dragon Nest M, unfortunately the version has lost its interest. For this reason, Nexon and Eyedentity presented the latest version of the mobile game Dragon Nest.

The first interesting feature of WoD is the absence of a gender lock in each fighter class. Each player has the opportunity to dress up their chosen character. Previously, in every class the fighter had their own gender which could not be changed. Then Nexon and Eyedentity eliminate the gender lock to free each player to dress up his character. Also in WoD there are only four classes of fighters, for this version added the Kali and Tinkerer fighters class.

The second feature is the open world system which eliminates dungeon-based systems. With this system, developers try to give the impression of adventure that is different from other Dragon Nest games. Although the adventure system has been changed, Nexon and Eyedentity retain the originality of Dragon Nest. Like existing monsters and the skills used.

The third feature is the use of chain skills in each fighter class. Unlike the PC version or Dragon Nest M, which limits the skills of each combat class. This restriction requires the player to choose an advanced 'job' at a certain level. This time WoD describes how to play that is not monotonous.

If on the PC version or even Dragon Nest M each player is made to choose the weapon that they want to use in each fighter class. This makes the use of skills monotonous and in WoD gets rid of it. Each fighter class is equipped with two weapons that can be changed during a fight. this is what makes it have more combos than previous versions.

Despite adapting the new game system, overall Nexon and Eyedentity gave interesting presentations to WoD and still displayed the unique features of Dragon Nest. (jhn)

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