​Best MyPlayer Defensive/Rebounding Badges in NBA 2K22

nba 2k22 Oct-08-2021

Identifications are a significant piece of any MyPlayer work in NBA 2K22. These things can be the distinction between a helpless form that will battle in on the web or disconnected play, and a quality form that can do the work. This is the reason you can't disregard this part of the form, particularly when searching for Defensive/Rebounding identifications to run. On the off chance that you need some exhortation on which identifications to guarantee that your assemble has, we should go over our picks.

Ball Stripper

Depiction: Helps increment chance of a take when endeavoring to strip a layup or dunk close to bin

Focuses and force advances should pencil this identification into the plans. The Ball Stripper identification permits the holder to expand the shot at constraining a turnover when endeavoring to strip a layup or dunk close to a container. This can be a valuable apparatus when more vulnerable players endeavor to assault the paint, and be exceptionally useful with regards to constraining turnovers.


Depiction: Boosts the capacity to remain before the ball overseer on the border

Point monitors, however more significantly, shooting gatekeepers, little, and force advances should have the Clamps identification. Clasps was ostensibly the best identification in NBA 2K21, and it's back for 2K22. Clasps supports the holders' capacity to remain before the ball overseer on the border. The individuals who have Clamps approach faster cut moves and are more effective while knocking the ball controller. Assuming you need any shot at halting sharp-shooting watchmen and advances who have a thump for dropping mid-range shots, this identification is urgent. It will permit you to remain in front, and hence, allow you a superior opportunity of getting delivers front and forestalling a spotless shot.


Depiction: Offensive players have less achievement shooting when challenged by players with identification

Most players could utilize this identification, yet large men specifically could truly utilize the Intimidator identification. Hostile players who are coordinated with ones who have the Intimidator identification will have a less achievement rate while endeavoring a challenged shot. Challenging shots is critical to forestalling bins, yet an additional a lift can surely be useful. Attempt to fit this identification in your assemble if possible.

Post Lockdown

Portrayal: Improves the safeguard's capacity to shield post moves and backdowns

Post Lockdown is another identification that huge men will require in NBA 2K22. This identification works on the safeguard's capacity to stop post moves and backdowns. Focuses and force advances will require a lot of help when playing guard, so this identification ought to be one on your waitlist. It very well may be helpful should you coordinate inside who preferences post moves.

Bounce back Chaser

Depiction: Improves capacity to find bounce back from farther distances than ordinary

Indeed, this is basically an absolute necessity have identification in case you're a major. Bounce back Chaser works on the capacity of the holder to find bounce back from farther distances. This, generally, will give the holder a major bouncing back advantage against the people who don't, on the grounds that the identification supports the chance of getting the right movement when you can bounce back. Need to make a bouncing back machine for The City? Try to support all the bouncing back ascribes as high as could really be expected, and guarantee that you pursue getting this identification maximized.

Enthusiastic Defender

Portrayal: Reduces energy lost while applying exertion on guard

Endurance is essential while shielding, so you ought to have an identification like Tireless Defender for your construct. Indefatigable Defender's impact is fairly basic: it diminishes energy lost while applying exertion on guard. On the off chance that you anticipate engaging in web-based play, hope to go over a ton of clients who will run with quick forms. To keep up on D, Tireless Defender should prove to be useful.

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