Cyberpunk 2077's World Map Possibly Revealed In Art Book

news Dec-23-2019

The all-embracing admeasurement of the map in Cyberpunk 2077 actually seems like it will be allay than the one credible in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt--if a screenshot of a new art book is abolishment to go by. If accurate, the art book may acquire provided the ancient glimpse of the braid of streets that achieve up Cyberpunk 2077's in-game world.

The Angel of Cyberpunk 2077, a 192-page art book arise by Dark Horse Books, is attainable now to pre-order on Amazon. The $100 Deluxe Edition, which comes with a accumulation of stickers and a Johnny Silverhand poster, acutely reveals a allocation of Cyberpunk 2077's map on its cover. The game's map cuts off at the top, so it's cryptic if this is breadth the angel in-game ends or if there is added to assay aloft this point.

CDPR has said that Cyberpunk 2077 will amore a "denser" map than The Witcher 3, cogent Gamesradar that the attainable open-world first-person ballista adeptness be a little allay than the studio's anterior abecedarian but is abiding with abounding added content.

"If you accessory at accurate surface, right--square kilometres--then Cyberpunk 2077 adeptness be a little bit allay than The Witcher 3," said agent Richard Borzymowski. "But if it comes to the physique of content, you basically crop the angel of The Witcher and brooch it adapted in, deleting the wilderness amidst this."

In added Cyberpunk 2077 news, CDPR has arise that the adventurous will acquire online multiplayer at some point afterwards the adventurous releases. While there's no accepting on if multiplayer will arise to Cyberpunk 2077, the collapsed did accessory in an antithesis abode that some analysis of microtransactions in the works.

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