Druid Runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery: A Quick Guide

WOW Classic Apr-19-2024

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, players can access new content including class abilities, talents, and rune engravings that enhance gameplay. Druids, in particular, can utilize 12 unique runes across Guardian, Feral, and Restoration specs, obtained through quests, mob drops, chests, or vendors.

Fury of Stormrage

Requirement: Level 4 and Moonfire ability.

Alliance: Complete "The Woodland Protector" quest in Teldrassil.

Horde: Complete "Relics of the Tauren" quest in Mulgore.

Living Seed

Requirement: Level 5 and Rejuvenation/Regrowth ability.

Alliance: Obtain from "The Woodland Protector" quest.

Horde: Obtain from "Relics of the Tauren" quest.

Survival of the Fittest

Requirement: Level 20 and visit Ratchet in The Barrens.

Available to both factions from vendor Grizzby.

Wild Strikes

Requirement: Level 15 and visit Stonetalon Mountains.

Obtainable by healing beasts with an Idol of the Wild.


Requirement: Level 12 and visit Darkshore (Alliance) or The Barrens (Horde).


Requirement: Level 10 and Bear Form ability.

Obtainable by defeating specific enemies and maintaining rage.


Requirement: Level 4 and Moonfire ability.

Obtainable by activating chests with Moonfire.

Wild Growth

Requirement: Level 25 and complete owl trials in various zones.


Requirement: Level 10 and partner healing.

Obtainable by summoning spirits in different zones.

Savage Roar

Requirement: Level 18 and defeating specific bears.

Skull Bash

Requirement: Level 20 and friendly reputation with specific factions.


Requirement: Level 20 and visit Wetlands for a unique quest.

These runes enhance Druid abilities, adding depth and customization to gameplay. Explore the world of WoW Classic Season of Discovery and unlock these powerful enhancements for your Druid character!

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