Fallout 76 and Fall Guys: Two very different battle royale

Fallout 76 Jun-27-2019

When the battle royale game first appeared in popular consciousness in the summer of 2017, it was considered that PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds was a fashion. A few months later, when Fortnite began to get steam, it began to look more like a genre. Now that we have Auto Chess, Tetris 99 and Apex Legends, we know that fighting royale can look almost anything. The E3's two games are no clearer than Fallout 76, and its new combat royale model, Nuclear Winter and Fall Guys, is a lovely BR physics-based survival struggle.

Fallout 76's battle royale mode is exactly what you are looking for. It is a PUBG model with several Fallout accents, it is very interesting. It turns out that gathering a group of players on an island, the random Fallout 76 Items is a very good formula. This game is full of absurd moments.

In a game, I threw myself in front of the enemy team so that my partner could escape with his nuclear code and hope to use the warhead to destroy part of the map. For its value, he did not launch missiles. Instead, he was murdered in a few minutes by a team that was rampaging around power armor. My poor teammates honestly said that there was never a chance, but the game was interesting anyway.

"Radiation" adjustments, such as nuclear weapons and powerful armor, are an interesting twist. They occasionally bring a sense of scale to your game, and there are few other battle games. But if you don't like games, they may not be enough for you to start playing the model's Fallout 76. This is a very interesting model for games that need all the help.

On the other hand, Fall Guys looks like something completely different. Fall Guys is Mediatonic's new battle royale game, which uses cute characters and runs them through a colorful stadium filled with murderous obstacles. It looks a bit like you imagined if someone made a full-size Mario Party mini game and then invested 100 people.

Bethesda Game Studios / Bethesda Softworks and Devolver Digital

It is big, bright and ridiculous. Hundreds of small characters that look like half-pillows and half-puppets run around, throwing walls at each other, leaving the ledge or entering the swing path of a giant hammer. This looks like a clear happy game, and I believe that it would be better if your friend was with someone you just threw into the raft.

Fall Guys and Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter looks or feels different. But due to the loose definition, we have identified the battle royale - the only inclusion rule seems to be the giant game, the last surviving game to win - the two games are clearly correct. Nintendo's release of Tetris 99 is probably the first time most players realize that combat royale can really be applied to almost all types of games. In E3 2019, the fall tyrant and Fallout 76's bleak apocalyptic battle royale cousin proved that there really is no way to fight the royale.

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