Fallout 76 :Find The Legendary Vendor And To Farm Legendary Scrip

Fallout 76 Jun-09-2019

In Update 9 of Fallout 76, Bethesda launched a new supplier, Purveyor, which is the first organic NPC that is not completely hostile in Fallout 76. Purveyor will become a high-end supplier, allowing players to exchange any legendary items or "The legendary Scrip"; a new in-game currency. So how will the new supplier, Purveyor, work? Where can I find suppliers of legendary suppliers? How to grow a new Legendary Scrip? In this guide to radiation 76, we will introduce you to all of these issues.

How will the Fallout 76 supplier work?

Fallout 76 Purveyor Merchant is a new and valuable premium player supplier because she only deals with legendary items. The following is the official description of Bethesda:

“The supplier is not an ordinary supplier. She only deals with legendary Fallout 76 Items and only accepts a unique currency called the Legendary Scrip as a payment.”

“Suppliers have a large collection of legendary items for her use and allow you to choose whether to buy armor, melee weapons or ranged weapons. You can also choose whether your project has one, two or three legendary attributes.”

“But she doesn’t allow buyers to bargain, but chooses their legendary attributes at the time of purchase. This means that although you will always receive items that match the type and star rating you choose, their attributes will be randomly determined.”

Where can I find the Fallout 76 supplier?

So, if you have legendary projects that you don't want or don't want, and want to exchange them for Scrip?

Where can I find Purveryor? Then you need to go to the Berkeley Springs train station where the Purveyor store is located.

How to grow a Legendary Scrip Currency?

Once Patch 9 is online, you can find legendary switches at the train station around Appalachian. Once you've built a vending machine, you can use it to break down unwanted legends and convert them to Scrip.

Load inventory with legendary projects you don't want to keep, put them into your computer, and collect your Scrip. The higher the star rating of your legendary project, the more Scrip you get. When the Purveyor arrives, the more Legendary Scrip you have, the more legendary weapons and armor you can get!

Fallout 76 Purveyor merchants will enter the game in patch 9 on the 16th! Prior to this, when Fallout 76 Purveyor opened a store in Appalachian, the legendary script currency would be crucial.

Now you know everyone about the new legendary supplier.

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