​FIFA 22 Versus replaces FUT Freeze and here's all you want to know

fifa Dec-13-2021

FIFA 22 Versus seems to be the primary December crusade in the current year's release, deferring local area expects FIFA 22 Freeze and FIFA 22 Futmas. The mission arrived in FIFA 22 on Friday, December 10, and offers 'Ice' and 'Fire' renditions of 14 significant names, including Marcus Rashford, Gabriel Jesus, and Adama Traore. Who else is incorporated, how can it work, and where would you be able to see the total FIFA 22 Versus card list? You've gotten it – it's everything beneath, in your FIFA 22 Versus guide.

What is FIFA 22 Versus?

FIFA 22 Versus is a one-week crusade that offers new 'Ice' and 'Fire' cards for a select gathering of players. The 'Fire' cards are accessible in packs from Friday, December 10 to Monday, December 13, so, all in all, they're supplanted by 'Ice' cards until Friday, December 17.

"Passion or ice in the veins? Welcome to FUT Versus in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, where the greatest of opponents conflict on the pitch to see who dominates the competition," says EA. "From restricting playing styles to the fiercest match-ups in world football, FUT Versus commends the contradicting powers in football with unique restricted time content in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team."

We'll refresh this piece on the evening of December 13 with some Ice versus Fire correlations, however, it's now protected to say that all cards in the mission offer a critical overhaul. Take Gabriel Jesus. His base thing highlights a general rating of 83, with prominent details like 84 speed, 81 shooting, and 86 spilling. His Versus Fire thing hops that OVR to 89, a jump of six characteristic focuses, and flaunts 93 speed (+9), 87 shooting (+6), and 91 spilling (+5).

The key contrast seems to apply to expertise moves and powerless feet. Christian Pulisic (LW, Chelsea, 87) is one of three players to have the two things previously delivered, by means of SBC. His Ice thing has 5-star ability moves, while his Fire thing flaunts 5-star frail foot.

What are the most costly FIFA 22 Versus costs?

The market is probably not going to settle down until 48 hours after Versus Ice cards land, yet any reasonable person would agree that you'll be paying seven figures for the mission's absolute best players. As I compose this on dispatch night, Jesus' Fire card is moving for 1.56 million on the exchange market. Likewise beating a million hindrances is Marcus Rashford (LM, Manchester United, 88) at 1,100,000 coins, while Federico Valverde (CM, Real Madrid, 87) is barely shy of that uber number on 930,000.

It's enticing to purchase the most captivating players straight away assuming that you have the moolah to do as such, however, I suggest delaying until at minimum Tuesday to perceive how the Versus Ice set analyzes.

Is this the end for FIFA 22 Freeze and FIFA 22 Futmas?

Futmas was the long-standing, and much-cherished, bubbly FIFA crusade which saw shock new things delivered every day, and skilled players free stuff only for marking into the Web App. It was stunningly well known, yet amazingly unloaded last year for FIFA 21 Freeze, where select players were redesigned because of their ice-cool dispositions. Or then again something. That mission was dispatched on Friday, December 11, 2020, and ran for the remainder of the month.

It looks, then, at that point, like FIFA 22 Freeze and FIFA 22 Futmas are both non-starters, despite the fact that there is one chunk of trust. FIFA 22 Versus cards leave packs on Friday, 17 December, and it's unbelievably improbable that EA tries not to run some sort of mission across the Christmas time frame. So we may, could very well, see one of those make an unexpected return instantly before Santa drops down fireplaces bearing PS5s for all.

Is there a FIFA 22 Versus SBC or goals challenge?

Definitely, yes. Practically all EA promotions that dispatch on a Friday night convey cards that can't be found in packs or on the exchange market, and on second thought are opened by means of Squad Building Challenges (SBC) or in-game goals. As of Friday, December 10, FIFA 22 Versus adds three new things thusly.

The FIFA 22 Versus SBC is for Christian Pulisic, and gives a trace of how the mission dynamic will function once all cards are in nature. Complete the SBC and you get to pick between his Ice or Fire card. Both are evaluated at 87 in general, an increase in five focuses from his standard card, and both offer a 93-speed rating. (Reasonable, as any other way everybody would pick the quicker card.) Pulisic's Ice card highlights 75 shooting, 87 passing, and 5-star expertise moves, while his Fire card has 78 passing, 90 spilling, and 5-star feeble foot.

Two FIFA 22 Versus goals rewards are additionally accessible, until 6 pm on Friday, December 17. These are for one or the other Fire or Ice forms of Nicola Tagliafico (LB, Ajax, 86) and Everton (LM, Benfica, 86).

Where would I be able to see the full FIFA 22 Versus cards list?

On the spot. As of Friday, December 10, the total FIFA 22 Versus cards list is as per the following:

Gabriel Jesus (ST, Manchester City) - 89

Marcus Rashford (LM, Manchester United) - 88

Jules Kunde (CB, Sevilla) - 87

Federino Valverde (CM, Real Madrid) - 87

Christian Pulisic (LW, Chelsea) - 87 [SBC only]

Joe Gomez (CB, Liverpool) - 87

Nicolas Tagliafico (LB, Ajax) - 86 [objectives only]

Holy messenger Correa (ST, Atletico Madrid) - 86

Adama Traore (LB, Wolves) - 86

Everton (LM, Benfica) - 86 [objectives only]

Roberto Pereyra (CM, Udinese) - 85

Kevin Mbabu (RB, Wolfsburg) - 85

Nico Schulz (LB, Dortmund) - 85

Alexis Claude-Maurice (CAM, Nice) - 84

The price to complete the SBC is very expensive, but these cards are also great, so they are well worth it. It is recommended that you can buy FIFA 22 Coins from MMoexp to help you complete SBC.

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