Last Epoch Beginner's Guide

Last Epoch Apr-21-2024

Last Epoch, a game that has undergone five years of development, finally released its 1.0 version in 2024. This action RPG draws inspiration from genre classics like Diablo and Path of Exile while introducing new features and mechanics. If you're just starting, this guide will help you navigate the world of Last Epoch with tips on the following key aspects:

Class and Mastery

Begin by selecting your class and mastery. The game offers five base classes: Mage, Sentinel, Acolyte, Primalist, and Rogue. Each class branches into three masteries, each with distinct playstyles and skills. For instance, a Mage can evolve into a Sorcerer, Spellblade, or Runemaster. Choose wisely, as this decision is permanent.

Skills and Passives

Unlock and customize your skills and passives as you progress. You can have up to five active skills on your skill bar, each with its skill tree for modifications. Experiment freely, as respeccing is affordable. Passive skills, categorized into base class, mastery, and others, allow for hybrid builds. Use ALT+right-click to view detailed skill information.

Loot and Crafting

Discover diverse items to enhance your gear and power. Rare and unique items offer special effects, while crafting lets you augment items with runes and glyphs. Crafting involves risk, so balance your choices carefully. Gambling at shops can yield new items, and idols provide passive bonuses. Unlock more idol slots by completing quests or leveling up.

Endgame Content

Upon completing the campaign, delve into endgame challenges like the Monolith of Fate, which offers randomized maps with unique modifiers. Explore different eras in Eterra's history, battle in the Arena's survival mode, and encounter empowered monoliths for greater rewards. Seek out echoes for varied experiences and rewards.

World and Story

Immerse yourself in Last Epoch's rich world and lore. Interact with NPCs, complete quests, and uncover hidden areas for rewards. The branching story reflects your choices, leading to multiple endings. Voice acting and cutscenes enhance the narrative experience.

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