Lost Ark: ​I main support Paladin

Lost Ark Aug-18-2022

It's all your decision. I'm a big supporter of Paladin and I like the game a lot.


- Fairly easy to play

No need to worry about MVP/DPS

Easy to find groups

It is not expensive to create the most recent content


Towers are cancerous

In terms of cost, things

My Paladin has 3x3 (Awakening Awakening, Blessed Aura Expert) And I don't have all the 7 lvl gems to use CD. 1 is missing, and you're basically ignoring the damage gems and 8x7 is currently the plan. I've never had to purchase anything and have always found groups with the latest content quite easily.

There are two main reasons for me not to improve him:

The first thing to note is that the items are extremely expensive, and I'd prefer to utilize my gold to sharpen my skills to 1415, and, since I've never bought a high-end item or book of engraving I'm a bit poor every day...

Also, I am perfectly with all the content, so there is there is no need to improve. I'm sure I'll be more trouble in finding groups to host my alts. I suppose I can't be an affable ass any more, however it is so inefficient to have alts that are 1370 and having to buy gold to create the content.

My partner and I have decided to create another support, so we will be more easily accepted as an ad-hoc double pack. Thus, 2 sup and 4 dps, that's 12 characters and 8 of them form part of the sup/dps partnership that can assist us in getting into groups. Naturally, our DPS don't require to be transported and our equipment can handle the job, but you're aware of the way to go, p2pah sell the best Lost Ark Gold. Everyone wants the top quality they can get and sometimes a standard character will not be accepted.

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