​Madden 22 Legends Release 11: Troy Polamalu, Plaxico Burress Join Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Oct-31-2021

EA has disclosed their most current Madden 22 Legends discharge highlighting previous stars of the turf with overhauled Ultimate Team things. For the delivery on Saturday, October 30, MUT fans can secure new cards including previous Super Bowl champs Troy Polamalu and Plaxico Burress. Both of these NFL stars presently have high-appraised cards with 93 or 94 generally speaking evaluations, among different things in the game.

Madden 22 Legends discharge 11 elements Polamalu, Burress

It's been a long time since Troy Polamalu prepared for the NFL, and eight years since Plaxico Burress was getting passes. The two players have Super Bowl rings, with Polamalu acquiring two as an individual from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Burress won his as a most loved objective for quarterback Eli Manning with the New York Giants.

They each have new cards in the Madden 22 Legends discharge as displayed beneath, with their LTD's coming it at 94 OVR and Boss Legends things at 93 OVR. For the Hall-of-Famer Polamalu, gamers get a cross breed solid security with 94 Power Moves, 94 Zone Coverage, 93 Speed, and 93 Pursuit credits.

Burress brings an actual beneficiary with 94s for Jumping, Catch in Traffic, Spectacular Catch, and Medium Route Running. With 93 Speed and 93 Catching, he's certainly a top-level WR for your MUT program.

The new cards appeared in-game on Saturday, October 30. Look at their 94 OVR LTDs and 93 OVR Boss Legends cards beneath. See more subtleties on the Legends cards by means of MUTHEAD's posting here.

New Exchange sets and Missions show up in MUT

There are various ways of getting those high-appraised Madden 22 Legends cards. The least demanding for those with some spending power by means of Madden 22 Coins is to just make a beeline for the Auction House and bid or purchase now. Costs run high for the LTDs, however those with enough bankroll may not be concerned.

For the people who favor more affordable ways, consider buying packs for a possibility at their cards including the LTDs. Those are accessible in packs temporarily window, typically 48 hours.

The Boss rendition of the Madden 22 Legends cards can be procured by means of trade sets. These sets each require five cards to finish. They are Polamalu or Burress' 2004, 2010, Premiere, Proven, and Novice things. Once finished, gamers get the 93 OVR Boss Legends adaptation of the player. These sets are additionally repeatable.

Getting those cards to construct the sets comes through packs, the Auction House, and playing the new Missions. Procure one star each on the Plaxico Burress and Troy Polamalu Missions. Thusly, procure every one of their Power Up player things, and a NAT Novice Legend of by the same token.

Here are the prerequisites for every mission:

Troy Polamalu Mission: Down by two, third quarter, Record sack and dominate the match.

Plaxico Burress Mission: Down by four. Score a passing TD in the fourth quarter, and dominate the game.

The most recent Legends discharge for Ultimate Team is the eleventh in the game mode. Past Legends discharges included Broderick Thomas, Michael Vick, Charles Woodson, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, and Larry Csonka.

Sooner or later during or after the NFL season, Madden will change to Ultimate Legends with those cards commonly conveying a lot higher evaluations. Past Madden discharges have highlighted top picks including Bo Jackson, Walter Payton, Lawrence Taylor, and Michael Strahan, among others.

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