​Madden 22: Ultimate New England Patriots Theme Team in MUT 22

Madden 22 Nov-06-2021

In case you've been sitting tight for the ideal Patriots Theme Team guide in Madden 22, you'll be glad that you're here in light of the fact that that is actually what we have for you. Building a Theme Team in Madden 22 can be intense in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea about the best cards in MUT 22, however that is the thing that we're hanging around for.

How about we kick you off on building the best Patriots Theme Team with the best cards accessible.

Madden 22: New England Patriots Theme Team

Topic Teams can be precarious some of the time as you attempt to figure out the best players to put on your MUT 22 crew. Nonetheless, utilizing a Theme Team is an extraordinary way of getting more Team Chemistry. The Patriots Theme Team is a famous one around the cutthroat Madden 22 players, so you'll need to get in on the good times.

Regardless of whether you're a stalwart MUT 22 player, or simply a New England Patriots fan, here's the means by which you can begin fabricating your own Patriots Theme Team.

Best Patriots MUT 22 Cards (Offense)

To be effective in Madden Ultimate Team, you'll need a solid offense that can score every now and again.

Not exclusively do the Patriots have the absolute best players for this, however they likewise have one of the most outstanding hostile playbooks in the whole game.

Here are the best cards (and their general appraisals) for a Patriots Theme Team offense.

Macintosh Jones - QB (91 OVR) - Rising Stars set

Macintosh Jones is the best accessible player that you can add to your MUT 22 Patriots Theme Team. He's a unimaginable QB with 92 Throw Power and 80 Speed to get away from the pocket.

Adding him to your Madden Ultimate Team will give you a portable quarterback that has sufficient arm solidarity to pass downfield easily. He's going for 122K at the Auction House too, most certainly a financial plan player.

Kevin Faulk - RB (90 OVR) - Team Diamonds

You most certainly need to have a Team Diamond MUT 22 card in your Patriots Theme Team. It's extraordinary information for you since you'll have the option to have a Team Diamond as an expertise position.

Kevin Faulk is an incredible choice for your running back in Madden Ultimate Team and has extraordinary readiness. We just wish he was somewhat quicker than his 88 SPD rating.

Shaq Mason - RG (90 OVR) - Most Feared

One of the latest augmentations to the Most Feared set is Shaq Mason who will make certain to permit you huge loads of time in the pocket and on the ground.

His run obstructing is a 90 and his pass block security is a 89, making him probably the most ideal choice at the RG position in the whole game mode.

Best Patriots MUT 22 Cards (Defense)

What is an offense without a solid protection to help them? Having an extraordinary Patriots Theme Team implies you'll require their best cautious cards.

The best news is that every one of the Patriots' top MUT 22 cards is all somewhere around 90 OVR which means you'll have an exceptionally evaluated group heading into your Madden Ultimate Team games.

How about we look at the best cautious players for your Patriots Theme Team.

Teddy Bruschi - MLB (91 OVR) - Team of the Week

Teddy Bruschi will be the focal point of your whole MUT 22 protection and can do as such effortlessly. He's the second-most elevated evaluated Patriots player in all of Madden Ultimate Team (at the present time).

The main part that we wish would change about Teddy Bruschi is in case he was better in Man Coverage. You could anyway utilize him as a run-plug and play him nearer to the line of scrimmage.

Kyle Van Noy - ROLB (90 OVR) - Flashbacks

Another linebacker that you can have in your Patriots Theme Team is Kyle Van Noy from the Flashbacks set. He has incredible speed and a force move to oblige it.

All things considered, he could utilize somewhat more in the artfulness move division. Notwithstanding, he'll in any case make an extraordinary off-the-edge linebacker that can function admirably if you put him in the right inclusion.

Stephon Gilmore - CB (90 OVR) - Gridiron Guardians

Stephon Gilmore out of the Gridiron Guardians set is probably the best cornerback in all of Madden Ultimate Team. He's a closure corner with the capacity to play man or zone inclusion.

His MCV is evaluated at 91 while his ZCV is at a good 86. By having him cover the rival group's best wide recipient you'll have a superior way to win your Ultimate Team games.

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