"Misled" Consumers In Australia in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Nov-15-2019

You spent a very enjoyable Halloween week along with the explosive new Mischief Night Seasonal event in Fallout 76, isn't it? Well, this is really an exciting festival event and it is so glad to see that you all like the game, but it doesn't reduce the complaints and even anger from the players of Fallout 76.

The developer of Fallout 76, Bethesda has been working hard to improve the game, while its parent company ZeniMax is also giving enough support. However, it is a very hot topic that ZeniMax acknowledged that there was "likely to have misled" in micro-transaction, which was declared by the Australian Consumer Law by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission(ACCC), so it forced Bethesda to refund Fallout 76 in Australia.

Prior to this, part of players of Fallout 76 had applied for refunds to Bethesda for server issues, lagging, graphic and visual problems, but they did not receive any response.

After being checked out by Australian law, ZeniMax finally refunded to all players who asked between November 24, 2018 and June 1, 2019, but all of them will not have any chance to access and play the game any longer.

This is really a break, as a consumer, all have the automatic consumer guarantees when purchasing, so when there is a problem with the product, you have the right to ask for repair, replacement or refund according to Australian law.

Obviously, it is an unwise choice for Bethesda to take refund in exchange for giving up access to Fallout 76, it seems to be a game that can cause dissatisfaction to players from time to time, which is common in young MMORPGs. Many fans still give Fallout 76 much expectation, although it is likely to disappoint many players. Correcting mistakes is more important than discovering it, but Bethesda is clearing these to cover up its mistakes, this makes the number of players in Fallout 76 less and less.

When it happened to meet Fallout 1st launching, which makes players question the major failures of micro-transaction in Fallout 76, and whether it could deal with these issues correctly.

Don't think it worse, Bethesda just added the micro-transaction in the game before figuring out the Australian law, but in general, Fallout 76 is a global game, at least it already well-received by fans in most countries including me and you.

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