Path of Exile 3.24 Patch Note & Release Date Guide

path of exile Mar-28-2024

Excited for the next expansion in Path of Exile? Here's what you need to know about the release date, patch notes, and how to prepare for Path of Exile 3.24.

Release Date:

Grinding Gear Games is eyeing a late March release for the Path of Exile 3.24 League. This means that the current Affliction League will be extended, giving players ample time to tackle its challenges. The two most likely release dates are March 22 or March 29. Keep an eye out for official announcements for confirmation.

Patch Notes:

Itemized Crafts:

Crafts from the Betrayal League, such as Ashling's veiled slam craft, will now be itemized. This change allows for easier storage and trading of these crafts as items, eliminating the need for direct NPC interaction. Other Betrayal crafts, including quality crafts for armor/weapons/flasks and amulet transformations, are also likely to be itemized. Additionally, crafts from the Incursion League have already been itemized, improving the quality of life for both trade and solo players.

W Trade:

In Patch 3.24, trading in Path of Exile will receive an update. Players will be able to control shift-click currency in the trade window to quickly transfer all currency from their inventory into the trade window, streamlining the trading process.

Preparations for Path of Exile 3.24:

Stockpile Crafting Currency: Gather crafting materials such as essences, fossils, and chaos orbs to prepare for crafting new items introduced in the patch.

Clear Stash Space: Make room in your stash tabs or clear out unwanted items to avoid clutter. Fresh leagues often provide a clean slate, so organize your inventory beforehand.

Research Builds: Review patch notes for changes to skills and items, and brainstorm potential league starter or endgame-focused build plans. Theorycraft is early to hit the ground running.

Level Gems: Use off-season time to level up support gems, new gems introduced in the patch, or any gems that require leveling.

Complete Atlas: Work on advancing your Atlas progress in existing leagues by completing objectives like Sirus kills or Guardian map completions.

Save Regret Orbs: Keep regret orbs on hand for potential skill or passive tree changes in Patch 3.24.

List High-Value Legacy Items: Check prices on legacy unique items that may become valuable after the patch. Prepare to trade in the Standard League.

Map Strategy: Trim down your map pool to tier 14+ maps for optimal returns early in the new league.

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