Path Of Exile: How To Reset Skill Points

path of exile Jan-18-2024

In Path of Exile, your character must be as powerful as possible when confronting relentless creatures in the depths of Wraeclast. Focusing character customization is the primary element required for survival in this dark universe. To do this, you can equip your character with skills by taking advantage of the game's extensive skill tree and POE currency.

This skill tree features a vast network of over 1300 passive skills. However, the freedom here may lead to wrong decisions that can negatively impact your progress. There might be instances where you want to undo some choices. Let's examine how to reset the skill tree points.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely reset the skill tree in this ARPG, and while this may seem unfair at first, the choices you make are entirely yours and guide the development of your character. Fortunately, you're not fully helpless; there are still a few ways you can undo some of the wrong choices you've made.

You'll need to use Refund Points to deselect a skill you have already unlocked in the Passive Skill Tree and take your character's development differently. However, obtaining these points is not easy; to do this, you need to advance in the main story and complete the missions assigned to you.

Each act of the game has special quests that will earn you Refund Points. These are as follows;

Act 1 – A Dirty Job

Act 2 – Through Sacred Ground

Act 3 – Victario’s Secrets

Act 4 – An Indomitable Spirit

Act 5 – Kitava’s Tourment

Act 6 – Fallen From Grace

Act 7 – Kishara’s Star

Act 8 – Love is Dead

Act 9 – Fastis Fortuna

Act 10 – No Love for Old Ghosts

After completing the above quests, you can fix the mistakes in your character. Remember, these points are only intended for undoing small and medium changes in your build, so you cannot use them to undo large-scale skills that connect two skills in your skill tree.

The number of refund points you can obtain from these quests is pretty limited, so it's important to make strategic choices when deciding how to use them. As long as no changes are made, you'll receive approximately 20 points from the campaign.

Another way to earn more refund points is to use the cheap PoE orbs of Regret item, but the drop rate of this consumable material has been reduced in Version 0.9.5d. Although it is unlikely, you can obtain this by killing the creatures in the vicinity, destroying the chests, and opening the safes.

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