​RuneScape Preps Advent Calendar Gifts, Improves Dragon Weapons

runescape Nov-28-2022

RuneScape  has introduced some quality-of-life improvements in the latest update this week, the Advent calendar will also be opening up end the Christmas decorations are starting to appear. This week also marks week 10 of the Fresh Start Worlds event, with only six weeks remaining.

Since the year is drawing to a close, the Advent calendar will be starting and the December login campaign will be full of gifts.  logging in in December will get you a gift and an extra key everyday you log in throughout the month. If you open and collect 15 days of rewards, you get a special Portable Snowfall Aura cosmetic override that can let you walk around with flurries swirling all around you to announce your arrival.

The RuneScape team has also been dealing with a number of recent server outages that were causing inability to log in for certain regions.  After the weekend, it seems that logins are working close to normal, after some adjustments that the team made to authentication services and an improvement to stability. There will be a make good compensation of some sort to be announced.

It's also week 10 of the Fresh Start Worlds,  and there are only six weeks left in the event. This week’s boosts include +120% XP for skills over 70 and +60% for skills under 70, no penalty on death, +100% combat accuracy, and increased chance of double monster/boss drops, and double gathered materials. since the event is more than half over, the boosts are getting strong as time gets a bit closer to deciding what you want to do with your characters when they are eventually transferred over to the main servers.

This week’s update also brings some work from the company’s March game jam time into the game. This time, the changes affect special attacks, and are intended to improve the Dragon weapons.

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