​Six months after its launch FIFA 23 is still in that state

FIFA 23 Apr-14-2023

Somehow, half a year after its release, FIFA 23 Coins is still in such a state that day after day you never know if the game will launch or what obstacles you will have to overcome in order to launch it.

This was the case in the late 1990s, especially when we first ditched the DOS interface and ran our games from the GUI on Windows 95. At the time, launching a new game seemed like a daunting feat.

But what baffles me is that this will still be such a problem in 2023 and a game that was like this at launch has lasted so long. As you can see on mmoexp, I personally abandoned FIFA 23 shortly after its September release.

But no, there's still a problem with Electronic Arts AntiCheat, which the company is injecting into PC games so that people can't play them. If you think about it, it works very well. Cheaters don't cheat when people can't even start the game.

In fact, things got even worse recently when the company ditched Origin and forced everyone to use the EA app instead. Who knew anyone would really miss Origin? Because, unfortunately, this move also seems to have broken access to the game for a group of people, making it almost impossible to download FIFA 23 even if they managed to get a stable install earlier.

I know that FIFA is not a classic PC game, but somehow it has become so nostalgic, so old that I don't want to go back to PC. That's not why I'm writing this post here at PC Gamer; I'm a little obsessed with soccer games and have played Kick Off, Sensi, Champ/Football Manager, Pro Evo, and FIFA for decades. And never was.

To be honest, there will never be another FIFA. EA will stop licensing its football game to one of the most corrupt esports organizations in history, so there may be little incentive for the publisher to fix the issues and release the game. Time.

Perhaps best for EA, FIFA 23 leaves a sour taste in players' mouths before the franchise dies and is reborn forever.

It may or may not be important for you to know that I've finally found a relatively consistent way to launch the game, but it's a combination of factors and hopefully one of them works. However, this is a situation where you need to sit down, launch the EA app, launch the game, crash, complete a task, uninstall and install the app, and adjust settings. I'm really not happy with the setting, eventually, it will get stuck and launch FUT 23 buy Coins.

The main avenues were either uninstalling and reinstalling and then updating the EA AntiCheat software, or temporarily booting my system with real-time antivirus disabled. To be honest, it wasn't very good.

It's a pity, because I really like the game itself, and I now understand the sliders in such a way that the game in FIFA becomes much closer to real kicking. My first league bats don't look like Messi anymore, they look more like football in a bar if set up right.

But I don't know if all the effort is worth it. I have very little playtime left, so I have to consider how long a game can take to load when deciding what to play. Now that I think about it, it makes him less proficient with a PC and more with a Commodore 64, loading a tape, leaving a room, or he might not being able to load the experience.

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