​The Bigger Affair On The Division 2 - Colorblind Mode

The Division2 Feb-26-2019

The bigger affair I accept with this bold is still colorblind mode... I enjoyed the aboriginal Division but a aloft affair I had with it was the colorblind mode.

Coming into the additional bold I was acquisitive it was something they may accept bigger but candidly it's just awful.

I feel like anyone needs to be consulted on this or they charge to accomplish it so I can accept colors or intensity.

When I put the colorblind approach on in the beta my dejected enemies area still dejected and the amethyst ones were still purple. I can't acquaint the aberration amid those two colors.

Same goes for loot. I can't acquaint the aberration if traveling to aces up loot. Is it purple? Is it blue? I don't know. Can't tell.

I'm still traveling to be accepting the bold but the colorblind approach could be done better of The Division 2 Boosting.

Battlefield does it able-bodied by absolution me accept colors for assertive things. I accept that could be difficult because it is a boodle ballista and there are abounding added colors involved.

Fortnite does a absurd job by absolution me accept the blazon of colorblindness I am and again allotment the intensity.

In accession they appearance my what anniversary blazon of boodle will attending like while I'm alteration it so I apperceive if it works for me or not.

I'm abiding I can't be the alone one with this issue. Maybe it was a bug and just didn't administer the colors. Any advice on this would be actual abundant appreciated.

Odds are the colorblind approach is configured for Red-Green blush blindness, the a lot of accepted anatomy of the condition. I agnosticism the devs accept even been fabricated acquainted that there are added forms of the condition.

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