The focus of FIFA 20: Volt mode, countdown and coins, good or bad

FIFA 20 Nov-08-2019

FIFA returns, bringing a new set of football experiences, FIFA 20 is scheduled for September 27th for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, everything is in the right direction, thank God, what you see More real, after a round, you will become the best or worst of FIFA 20.

For FIFA 20, the most anticipated change is the return of Volta Mode, a more liberal change that changes the position of the competition and the number of players. Shooting, winning, losing and lessons are things you must go through and will encourage you to play better.

In Volta, a small range of games will allow players to improve their skills in certain details, but the developer Electronic Arts does not add more precision to this new model.

Get up because you will encounter a lot of knockouts, otherwise you won't be able to continue the next game unless you are willing to start from scratch. It's like taking an entrance exam. If you don't perform well, you can only stay for another year or more.

These star players are always hot, just like the players on the field, can speed up the pace, "FIFA 20" has prepared everything for you. And, never let speed affect your ranking.

As the name implies, Volta also has a new in-game currency, Volta Coins, which can only be used in the FIFA 20's five-a-side football or street football career to buy more cosmetics. Even so, players are still trying to get these free coins from games where the skill is not very high.

In addition to the Volta mode, another issue that players are concerned about is the importance of the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and its currency, FUT Coins, which may keep you fun.

There are many ways to get free FUT coins. You can choose single-player and online mode through FUT champions, partition opponents, FUT friendly matches and team battles. In addition, you can get them in a variety of other ways, including trading with other players.

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