When is it the best time to open EA FC 24 TOTY promo packs

FC 24 Jan-22-2024

The ideal moment to unveil EA FC 24 TOTY promo packs often perplexes players, with many wondering about the optimal timing for such openings. Typically, when purchasing packs from the store, the equation is straightforward, as the odds and potential contents remain constant. However, when it comes to Team of the Year (TOTY) promos, the scenario is distinct.

The widely-anticipated TOTY promo commenced on January 19, featuring attackers and Team 1 of TOTY icons currently available in packs. While these items present tempting options for players, this period might not be the optimal time to open EA FC 24 TOTY promo packs. In fact, exercising patience is advisable, and here's why.

The most opportune time to unveil EA FC 24 TOTY promo packs is likely to be the span between January 25 and February 2. Although EA Sports hasn't officially confirmed the full schedule, they seem to be following a predictable pattern. According to available information, the attackers will be succeeded by midfielders and subsequently by defenders.

Between January 25 and February 2, it is anticipated that all special cards, including those from the men's and women's TOTY, will be available in packs. The packs may also feature all TOTY Icons and FC 24 coins, with a potential inclusion of Honorable Mentions.

This timeframe emerges as the prime window to open EA FC 24 TOTY promo packs. However, there is a slight drawback since the available pool of cards will not be categorized by position. Players seeking attackers for their squads might end up with defenders and vice versa.

Nevertheless, every TOTY item boasts exceptional stats, regardless of their positions. Even if players acquire a card for a position they hadn't initially desired, there is a high probability that the obtained card will outshine one of their existing items.

Furthermore, the presence of all TOTY Icons adds another layer of incentive for players to exercise patience with their pack openings. These icons not only provide bonus chemistry links with all other cards but also come with two playstyle+ attributes.

During this waiting period, players are encouraged to explore the various objectives currently available, which can furnish them with additional packs. Additionally, participating in several fodder Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) will enable players to recycle unwanted cards and acquire more packs in the process.

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