WoW Cataclysm Classic: Guide to the Reborn World of Azeroth

WoW Cataclysm Classic May-15-2024

Excitement fills the air as Cataclysm Classic™ is set to launch worldwide on May 20 at 3:00 pm PDT. Get ready to dive into a revamped Azeroth filled with new zones, dungeons, raids, and PvP combat. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or new to the game, the challenges that await will test your skills and bravery. Are you prepared to embark on this epic journey?

What to Expect in Cataclysm Classic

As Cataclysm Classic launches on May 20, players will have the opportunity to explore new horizons, battle formidable foes, and uncover hidden secrets. Here's a glimpse of what awaits:

Seven New Zones: From the lush forests of Mount Hyjal to the depths of Vash'jir's oceanic abyss, adventurers will discover new landscapes ripe for exploration.

Nine New Dungeons: Delve into the depths of Blackrock Caverns, navigate the treacherous currents of Throne of the Tides, and face the challenges lurking within Grim Batol and beyond.

Dungeon Journal: A new feature introduced in Cataclysm Classic, the Dungeon Journal provides invaluable information about bosses, mechanics, and loot, ensuring that adventurers are well-prepared for their encounters.

Three New Raid Dungeons: Rally your allies and venture into the Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent, and Bastion of Twilight, where epic battles and legendary loot await.

Boss-Based Raid Lock System: In Cataclysm Classic, players can choose between 10 or 25-player raid versions for each boss, with lockouts based on individual bosses, offering flexibility and freedom in raid progression.

Tol Barad PvP Zone: Engage in epic battles for control of Tol Barad, a strategically important island off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms. Victory brings unique rewards and glory to the victorious faction.

Darkmoon Island: Explore the mysteries of Darkmoon Island and unravel the secrets that await within Silas Darkmoon's enigmatic domain.

Flying in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor: Take to the skies and soar above the revamped landscapes of Azeroth, enjoying the freedom of flight in previously inaccessible regions.

Unveiling Cataclysm Classic Zones, Dungeons, and PvP Season 9

The launch of Cataclysm Classic on May 20 marks the beginning of a new era of adventure and exploration. On May 28, the start of PvP Season 9 will usher in intense battles for dominance, followed by the opening of three raid dungeons on May 30. It's time to embark on a journey like never before and discover the wonders that await in the shattered lands of Azeroth.

Battle for Control of Tol Barad

Tol Barad, a historic land coveted by both the Horde and the Alliance, serves as a battleground where fierce conflicts unfold. Similar to Wintergrasp in Wrath of the Lich King Classic™, Tol Barad will host 80 vs 80 battles, with the winning faction gaining access to valuable resources and rewards. Prepare to engage in brutal combat across the island's surface as you fight for supremacy and honor.

Ignite Your Adventure with Fiery Upgrades

While Cataclysm Classic requires only a WoW® subscription or Game Time to play, optional upgrades are available to enhance your experience. The Blazing Heroic Pack includes exclusive pets, mounts, transmog sets, and toys, while the Blazing Epic Upgrade offers additional perks such as a Level 80 Character Boost and 30 days of Game Time.

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