​A lot of stuff that kept Wrath more relevant in the long-term

WOW WoTLK Classic Jul-29-2022

For the duration of an estimated 6-month (giving ICC a lifespan of six months here) content shortage, Blizzard didn't lose more subscribers, but they did gain them. In the event that Dungeon Finder really wasn't to be blamed then what else was? ICC in the main aspect, became less relevant What else was there?

I wouldn't be shocked to find out that dungeon finder could have helped. It certainly helped create an environment where content could be managed more efficiently and efficiently. It definitely helped move things in the direction where all the other alt-centric features already.

However I believe there was plenty of content that helped keep Wrath more important in the long run.

Dual spec made the process simpler since your alts were not required to decide between playing quests using an DPS specification or just running dungeons in an spec only suitable to create content for groups.

Dual spec technology practically doubled the number of people's requirements for equipment, meaning every piece of content was almost twice as long for them.

The Heroic mode kept the content current for much longer.

Achievements were fun to earn and the most completeists could not finish all the content , even if they tried.

The Heirloom Gear not only offered raiders something to put their badges, but it also provided non-raiders with a reason to go on raids.

Daily things like Wintergrasp was a blast.

Reps were fascinating and gave you dogs and other toys.

The division of raid content into heroic and normal content allowed casual players to be raided, while hardcore players may still encounter challenges in their progression.

Gold sinks were added to the game, such as that of the Traveller's Tundra Mammoth as well as Epicer Flying and the Dalaran rings kept the slow people active throughout the expansion.

In all honesty, Wrath content was just amazing. I was an altoholic since I was a fan of the areas and music, and also the story. The raids were thrilling and the dungeons offered a variety The capital city was fantastic.

Wrath for me was the first time that WoW's content could be around for longer and not become old. I really love Vanilla or TBC content, they're timeless, but Wrath content, for me, was like its own ecosystem, in a sense. There was plenty of content, and even users who would rush to get through the content had loads of work to do.

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