All I wish to do is alpha my My NBA Live Player

I just bought 2K17 today and everytime I try to do the face browse advantage my bold just crashes. All I wish to do is alpha my My Player already but I like NBA Live Coins.

Is there any way I can fix this or should I just acknowledgment the abuse bold back it's already not working.

I'm accepting the exact aforementioned problem, just bought the bold today. Are you application a new adaptation of the Xbox 1 or the original?

Probably has something to do with an update. That's my guess. I'm accessible to acknowledgment this now or acquisition anyone with a new arrangement to try my theory.

Did my face browse in app on phone. Uploaded pictures. In bold if i columnist face browse it says : abstracts found... again it stucks on 0% and afterwards 5 sec just blast to dashboard ...

I accept an iPhone 7 it was accomplished at aboriginal but I was not blessed with the scans so afterwards several attempts it started abolition the game.

I had this exact aforementioned botheration on my Xbox one and assuredly begin this thread.

I approved what Afflatus said and switched from my iPhone 7 to my old iPhone 5c and it assuredly worked! Sounds like the botheration is the Cheap NBA Live Coins adaptable accessory and not the console. Thank you Afflatus!