Astellia Online:Class Evolution System Comes

Astellia Online Dec-06-2019

Astellia Online is an MMORPG developed by Studio 8 with a release date of 2019. This is a traditionally designed Korean MMORPG. While adopting the character collection mechanism, it pays great attention to style and gorgeous design. In some aspects, it is similar to Pokemon or gacha mobile games. It is properly named Astel to help you fight.

On Astellia Online updated on October 8, 2019, a major feature was added to the game: Class Evolution. In the following, we will introduce everything about Astellia Online Class Evolution system. Let's see.

"The level evolution system allows level 50 players to further develop into one of the 3 professions, expanding the experience a character can gain by converting the character into the evolutionary star of their choice. Upon reaching the first star, it will be awarded The first of two new exclusive abilities for a character. At the third level, the second ability will be unlocked. Between these levels, depending on the evolution chosen, the attributes of a particular character will increase. "

Players can only choose one of the evolutionary paths presented to them, but they do not need to be persistent. Players can exchange paths-their star rating will change with them-if they choose to change it slightly, although the "five-star awakening" skills will continue to exist, exclusive skills, EXP and statistics will not be retained.

For example, an assassin who chooses to become a phantom will get the unique ability "Shadow Walk", which temporarily increases the speed of movement, while "Shadow Curse" reduces the target's defense power, thereby increasing its damage. Plus the wake-up version of "Smoke Screen", which has the added effect of applying poison to any enemy target entering the area while active? After choosing another evolutionary path, such as Nightblade or Avengers, the "Awakening" effect on the Smoke Screen will remain. Allows players to further customize their abilities based on their favorite game style.

The above is an introduction to the Class Astellia online evolution system. Another important part in Astellia Online is Astellia Online Asper, which can help you save money and time

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