​Best Premier League GK

fifa Feb-25-2019

Best Premier League GK? My experience... I've absolutely been disturbing to acquisition a superior GK this season. I accept approved De Gea, Alisson(87) and Kepa so far.

Kepa was my aboriginal babysitter and I played a acceptable 120 amateur with him, he gave me no absolute acumen to advertise him.

De Gea alone amount decidedly so I best him up and started application him. Generally he is bigger than Kepa of advance but he makes errors consistently.

Palming abroad crosses beeline into the aisle of an advancing antagonist constant in simple goals.

Alisson just seems like a decline from Dear Gea. He doesn't feel like a big man advantageous the ambition breadth for corners or crosses, his reactions aren't as good, he rushes out on awe-inspiring occasions even if the antagonist is at a difficult 1v1 angle.

Out of 5 breakthroughs constant in a 1v1 he's got abutting to 0. Although he has been acceptable at extenuative shots advancing from alfresco of the box.

It is absolutely fustrating as I feel Kepa is a lot of constant out of FIFA 19 Coins all of them but I can't accompany myself to go aback to an 83/84 GK as I apperceive I will feel the all-embracing downgrade.

Who in your acquaintance has been bedrock solid for you? I'm accommodating to absorb 125k on a absolutely acceptable GK who doesn't balked the hell out of me.

Any admonition would be appreciated.

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