Blast Rain Berserker Guide: Unleashing Fiery Mayhem in Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph League

path of exile Feb-07-2024

In this guide, we delve into the bow rework League, exploring a unique approach with the Blast Rain Berserker, or Blur Cur for short. The Blast Rain skill received a small rework, now globally firing extra projectiles, making it an excellent choice for covering a large area. The Berserker's attack speed synergizes well with Blast Rain, allowing for swift and powerful attacks.

Now, let's explore the key components of the build. Blast Rain serves as the primary clearing and damage skill, utilizing Increased Area of Effect and Concentrated Effect support gems. A Blast Rain Ballista setup enhances single-target damage. The Berserker's rage mechanic significantly boosts attack speed, damage, and movement speed, making the character formidable in encounters.

Defensively, the Berserker incorporates various mitigation sources, maintaining a life pool of over 6,000. Instead of relying on evasion, the build prioritizes armor, utilizing Iron Reflexes to convert evasion to armor. Molten Shell and Vaal Molten Shell provide additional flat mitigation. Dazzling Strikes, coupled with the Silent Steps amulet anointment, contribute to evasion-based defense, enhancing survivability.

The ascendancy choices focus on damage scaling through the Slaughter and War Bringer nodes. Rage management becomes crucial, maintaining 50 rage stacks for optimal performance. Enduring Cry generates endurance charges, adding further physical mitigation.

The passive skill tree is carefully crafted to balance offense and defense, incorporating Iron Reflexes, Point Blank, and various life nodes. Pantheon choices include the Soul of Arakaali and the Soul of Shakari for damage reduction, poison immunity, and chaos damage reduction.

As for gear, the build doesn't rely on specific uniques, offering flexibility for gearing. A crafted rare helmet, such as one with -9% fire resistance for nearby enemies, complements the playstyle. The body armor choice varies, with options like Carcass Jack or Kaom's Heart. Rare gloves, boots, and a belt focus on life, resistances, and damage modifiers.

The weapon of choice is usually a rare bow, with options like Onar's Corpse Bow for extra arrows. A Warlord-influenced quiver can provide additional physical damage conversion and arrow bonuses. Flasks, such as Vessel of Vinktar and Wise Oak, further enhance damage and resistance.

Gem links include Blast Rain with support gems, Cast When Damage Taken setup, and utility skills like Blood Rage and War Cry. The guide suggests swapping Increased AoE for Concentrated Effect on bosses for optimal damage.

In summary, the Blast Rain Berserker offers a unique and effective playstyle, combining powerful damage output with solid defensive layers. The build showcases adaptability, allowing players to tailor their gear and skill choices based on preferences and available items. Despite some challenges, We successfully tackled various content, making this build a viable choice for Path of Exile players. 

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