​Classic was my entry point into WoW

WOW TBC Classic Jun-23-2022

In the spirit of all things sacred, I can't be a part of this thread in enough. Myzreal is an amazing game. From the random characters that we meet in dungeons to the trolls of LFG, I would like to protect with all my might what is left in this community.

Classic was the first game I played to WoW. I was unable to comprehend the hype around this game until I got the opportunity to play it right from the beginning. What the game provided me was a safe place to fight a pandemic as well as an atmosphere to thrive within. I am unable to express my gratitude to the members of my Valhalla family enough. And as GM I will do all that I can to provide my guild with the opportunity to experience everything the game offers.

Everyday we watch growing numbers of guilds making the hard decision of moving from the server because they don't have enough people that can sustain us. We retreat to our own world by securing our guild family and guild alliances in order to shield us from the burdens of the roster manager. We wouldn't be able to endure without the amazing effort behind the scenes by managers and players who have been willing to adjust to these difficult times.

The steady decline in Myz's server's popularity continues to cause me to cry. It's only exacerbated by the constant feeling that the issue of our server appears to be ignored by Blizz. We are aware that some of the options available aren't easy to implement, but the current solution that is "inaction" is making us a mess. We're doing our best in our local communities. However, we require solutions that don't require the guilds asking us to take their pockets full of money.

Please join us.

We need to give our low-pop PVE community the chance to thrive once again.

We'd like to save everything we've managed to build in the sandbox that was provided to us. We need your help.

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