D2R - ​Are improved graphics the only real change

Diablo II Resurrected Apr-12-2022

I'm debating about whether or not it is time playing some decent D2. I played it for all my life and then stopped in 2017. I've found every item in the game and accumulated all the characters up to 99. I'm wondering what is the most significant thing that has occurred to this game , other than graphics?

A few things I'm looking for:

1. Build diversity Do you have any new builds that you could test that will help you to complete the act5 saga?

2. End game games 2. End game activities - prior to Ubers were the only true end game content available Was this altered or not?

3. Community - particularly towards the end of its lifespan D2 saw very few players playing, and the number of games that were open was essentially 0. I'm guessing there was a significant rise in players, but is it actually staying strong?

4. Do the new developers plan to continue to improve the game and include some of the features I've mentioned previously?

I truly enjoy this game and would like to experience the same thrill I experienced at the time when I first began playing - let me know how you have been enjoying the game and MAYBE I'll join in!

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