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Diablo4 Mar-03-2023

Diablo 4's campaign will take players through a series of desolate and dangerous lands where they will encounter everything from poisonous swamps and undead-infested shores to a harsh religion that promotes the ritual of Incineration. But ahead of the launch of the Diablo 4 Gold beta, which explores the five areas you'll explore in the role-playing game, Blizzard stressed that it wanted to make sure players have something worth fighting for.

You explore five key areas as you fight your way through the temple against Lilith. These are the arid desert of Kehjistan, the rolling highlands of Skosglen, the harsh swamps of Havezar, the cold peaks of the Rift and the dry Steppes, and the grasslands with rocky cliffs and lava flow. However, Blizzard says it wants to make sure these areas don't feel like the same biome, so they're more diverse than previous entries.

Several veteran designers shared what to expect from each region. Kejistan, for example, draws inspiration from the Middle East and the Mojave Desert, but will also see players stop in the capital city of Kardim, a location familiar to Diablo 3 fans and once a major hub. You'll also encounter real cultists, marking the debut of this historic faction in the game.

In Skorsglen, inspired by the Scottish Highlands, you'll explore a vast coastline infested with the undead perishing at sea, culminating in a giant creature known as the Sea Witch. Quest creator Madeleine James said the queen-like character is "three times the size of other drowners, and he just has swollen body parts, so that's really interesting."

Skosglen isn't just a beach, though - it's also home to the Druid Academy, and you'll see a story tied to one of cheap Diablo IV Gold strongholds, one of a new co-op-focused campaign that will grant access to equipment and help rebuild civilization. to previously occupied territories. You can also relive Diablo 3's Mystical Wastes, though (slightly unsettlingly) it's been renamed Blood Wastes.

Havezar gives us those delicious poison swamps we all crave - Blizzard says it's a mix of Florida and Europe. They must fight against serpent-like enemies called Nangari, as well as the soldiers of the Knights of Zakarum, who inhabit vast fortresses buried in the soft earth they have built. It sounds funny.

The Cathedral of Light is your main objective in Fractured Peaks. However, this strict religious authority likes to burn sinners, and not everything is so cold - slush pours from the lowlands into the Havisala swamps. You must also make a pilgrimage to the Alabaster Monastery, a heavily fortified hilltop fortress while battling the legendary boatmen of Khazar.

Prairie Prairie may not have the most memorable name, but this Yellowstone National Park-inspired geothermal hotspot has everything from sandy beaches, salt marshes, and rocky cliffs to lava flows and colorful geothermal pools.

Game director Joe Shelley previously hinted that Diablo 4's campaign could last around 35 hours, and of course, that's just the beginning of your adventure. You'll travel through a story that takes you through many regions, but Blizzard emphasizes that side quests are mostly found in each region. More content can be found on mmoexp.

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