Elden Ring 2024 Ninja Build Guide: Master the Shadows in PvP

Elden Ring May-14-2024

Building your character in Elden Ring isn't just about stats and power; it's also about style. In this guide, we'll delve into creating the ultimate PvP ninja build for 2024. Ninjas embody stealth, speed, and lethal precision, and with the right gear and attributes, you can become a shadowy force to be reckoned with.

Creating the Ninja Outfit

Head Piece: Nox Monk Hood (Altered)

The Nox Monk Hood sets the foundation for your ninja look, but to achieve the desired aesthetic, you'll need to alter it. Remove the white coloring to achieve the classic ninja appearance. You can acquire the Nox Monk Hood by defeating the Nox Monks found in the Eternal City north side of Nokstella, in the Nokstella region. Obtain Tailoring Tools and a Sewing Needle to alter the hood at a Site of Grace using runes.

Armor/Chest Piece: Preceptor’s Long Gown (Altered)

For the chest piece, opt for the Preceptor’s Long Gown, but shorten it to fit the ninja style. You can obtain this from completing Ranni’s Side Quest “Seluvis’s Rise at Liurnia of the Lakes” or from Seluvis after their demise.

Gloves: Preceptor’s Gloves

The Preceptor’s Gloves naturally complement the ninja aesthetic and don't require alteration.

Trousers: Preceptor’s Trousers

Complete your outfit with the Preceptor’s Trousers, matching the gloves in style and functionality.

Attributes for the Ninja Build

To effectively wield the ninja's agility and prowess, allocate your attributes as follows:

Dexterity: 80

Vigor: 60

Endurance: 30

Mind: 29

Strength: 16

Intelligence: 16

Faith: 9

Arcane: 7

Emphasize dexterity for swiftness, followed by vigor for survivability. Endurance and mind are crucial for managing mana and FP. Other stats are tailored to the gear requirements of the ninja build.

Weapons for the Ninja Build

Hand of Malenia +10

The Hand of Malenia embodies the agility and strength of a true ninja. With its swift strikes and formidable damage output, it's ideal for PvP encounters. Utilize its Waterfowl Dance technique to showcase your skills in combat.

Physical Attack Damage: 640

Critical Damage: 100

FP Cost: 12

Weight: 7

Scaling: 3 in Strength, B in Dexterity

Keen Misericorde +25

Pair the Hand of Malenia with the Keen Misericorde +25 for devastating backstabs, fitting for a ninja lurking in the shadows.

Erdtree Bow

For ranged combat, equip the Erdtree Bow for its rapid-fire rate and precision. While it may have slightly lower stats compared to other bows, its agility aligns perfectly with the ninja build.

Optional: Sleep Bone Arrows

Enhance your ninja aesthetic by using Sleep Bone Arrows, adding a subtle yet deadly touch to your ranged attacks.


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