Fallout 76 Halloween Prank Night, Release Date, Tips and Weekly Robbery

Fallout 76 Oct-15-2019

Halloween is becoming the most frequently mentioned topic in recent discussions, as its date appears every day, Bethesda will not miss such an event, and will soon host a Fallout 76 event to celebrate Halloween. At that time, the dark and creepy style will be very popular to meet the theme and atmosphere of Halloween, just like the “Allahing of Final Fantasy XIV” campaign mentioned above, Bethesda is planning to hold The seasonal event "Prank Night" has been announced on Thursday and then continue reading to learn all the details of this event.

When does the Halloween event start and how long?

The night of mischief begins at 12 pm EST on October 29 and ends at 12 pm EST on November 5. It will last for a week. At that time, put on your favorite clothes, go to Whitespring, spend a long night on Halloween, this will be a perfect party filled with tricks, snacks or pranks, then are you ready to participate?

What will happen?

You must come across an Eyebot called JES-2R and all actions will follow its tools. what? Don't you know?

Trick or treat? Eyebot is recruiting other scammers to ruin or trick. They are going to play some pranks on Halloween, such as blowing up roadside cars, exploding tours of the resort's parks, huts and the Courtyardhouse near the Springhouse gazebo, expressing clean art on the walls. On one side, the forks are on the lawn, and even the patrolling guards are scared. They are very brave and can have a good time in such a game.

hold on? Although all of this is interesting in Fallout 76, Whitespring's elite security forces may catch your naughty behavior on "Prank Night". You'd better protect yourself with something, or you might have to spend the rest of the vacation in the darkroom.

Will I be rewarded for the entire event?

Of course, once you meet the JES-2R requirements, you will get some loot and rewards, such as one of the must-have elements of Halloween, pumpkin lights, special clothing and Fasnacht masks.

Every hour, the door to the public event opens, and you can access it for free, no matter how many times.

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