FC 24 Corner Kick Strategies for Guaranteed Goal-scoring Success

FC 24 Feb-05-2024

Unlocking effective corner kick techniques can significantly impact your success on the virtual pitch, potentially elevating your standing in the Weekend League and Champions rankings. In this FC 24 tutorial, we present five distinct corner scoring strategies that can be applied to propel you towards victory.

The first technique revolves around executing an outswing corner, where the natural curve of the ball moves away from the goal. To achieve this, select a right-footed player for a right-footed corner kick or a left-footed player for a left-footed one. Without adjusting the ball's curve, aim the preview line at the center of the 6-yard box and switch to the player by pressing L1 or LB. Utilize this advantage to position a tall centre-back or forward near the near post, increasing your chances of winning headers and scoring.

For those with a generous FC 24 Coins budget, acquiring a player with the Dead Ball Playstyle is recommended. Despite typically favoring accuracy and power, Dead Ball Playstyle allows for strategic positioning with fewer players crowding the box.

On the contrary, if you find yourself with a proficient outswinging corner taker but lack one for the inswinging side, worry not. The second technique employs an inswinging corner, where the natural curve heads towards the goal. Align the preview line with the penalty spot, switch to a player by pressing L1 or LB, and increase the power by two and a half bars. Move your player to the near post, press the cross button again, and capitalize on the ensuing momentum to secure a favorable header.

When confronted with opponents who pull their goalkeeper out to intercept corner kicks, consider the third technique – the direct corner. By aligning the preview line and switching players, you can exploit gaps left by a goalkeeper positioned away from the goal, ensuring a direct and satisfying goal-scoring experience.

The tutorial also explores two short corner-based techniques. By pressing the R1/RB button before the corner scene switch, you can set up a more deliberate play that often catches opponents off guard. This variation necessitates a quick pass to create a crossing opportunity, providing a chance for an unmarked player to head the ball into the net.

Additionally, for those less adept at converting headers or lacking aerially dominant players, the fourth technique introduces a finesse shot or trivela shot variation. By executing a finesse or trivela shot towards the edge of the box, players can position themselves for a clever pass and an opportunity to score without the need for a header.

These corner techniques not only diversify your scoring options but also enhance your overall gameplay strategy. Experiment with these strategies, adapt them to your playstyle, and watch as your Arsenal becomes a formidable force on the field, ready to take precise and powerful shots at every opportunity.

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