FC 24: Moment of Truth Evolutions Guide

FC 24 Apr-24-2024

The Team of the Season event is in full swing, offering a plethora of content for FC 24 players to delve into. With TOTS Live packs available now, along with SBCs, Objectives, and Evolutions, there's no shortage of activities to keep FC 24 enthusiasts engaged.

Speaking of Evolutions, EA has recently introduced a groundbreaking addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team: the Moment of Truth Evolution. This Evolution offers players the opportunity to boost a squad member's OVR by an impressive +6.

Let's delve into a comprehensive guide to help you upgrade a player from your Ultimate Team through the Moment of Truth Evolution!

Moment of Truth Evolutions Guide

EA has unveiled a fresh Evolution in FC 24, allowing players to enhance a card for either 100k coins or 500 FC Points. Since their debut, Evolutions have been a massive hit among FC 24 players, shaping each Ultimate Team uniquely based on the evolved players.

Let's walk through the player requirements for this EVO, highlight three top players for the Moment of Truth Evolution, and outline the challenges and rewards involved.

Player Requirements

As with all Evolutions in FC 24, you must evolve a player who meets EA's specific requirements. Not every player in the game will fit these criteria. Whether you opt for a player from your favorite club or seek to create an overpowered star, choose wisely because the selection is final.

Here are the requirements for the Moment of Truth Evolution:

Overall Rating: Maximum 84

Defending: Maximum 67

Number of PlayStyles: Maximum 7

Number of PlayStyles+: Maximum 1

Best Players for the Moment of Truth Evolution

We've identified three players perfect for the Moment of Truth Evolution, capable of transforming your team:

Leanne Kiernan (Liverpool - 84 OVR): A special card from an early FC 24 Ultimate Team promo, Triple Threat Leanne Kiernan's 84-rated card evolves into a formidable 90 OVR player with outstanding stats such as 97 pace, 92 shooting, and 94 dribbling.

Cengiz Under (Fenerbahce - 84 OVR): Turkish winger Cengiz Under's 84-rated TOTW card evolves into a 90 OVR player with impressive attributes like 93 pace, 90 shooting, 88 passing, and 93 dribbling, making him an excellent wide player.

Eddie Nketiah (Arsenal - 84 OVR): TOTW Eddie Nketiah evolves into a 90 OVR striker with 95 pace, 91 shooting, and 92 dribbling, ideal for bolstering Arsenal's attacking prowess.

How to Complete the Moment of Truth Evolution

Once you've chosen your player for evolution, here are the challenges to complete for a +6 OVR boost:

Level 1 Challenges:

Play 2 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on Min. Semi-Pro using your active EVO player.

Win 2 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on Min. Semi-Pro using your active EVO player.

Level 1 Rewards:

Shooting: +2

Passing: +2

Dribbling: +3

Defending: +2

PlayStyle: First Touch

Continue with Level 2 and Level 3 Challenges outlined in the original guide to unlock further upgrades and rewards for your evolved player.

Upon completing all challenges, your player will evolve by +6 OVRs, enhancing your team's capabilities in FC 24!

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