FIFA 20 preemptive experience and web application page

FIFA 20 Sep-27-2019

FIFA 20 is the latest version of the FIFA series and is scheduled to be released in the last few days. Before that, we have seen its demo, and soon everything will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, with small streets. The first VOLTA Football game mode in the five-a-side football match.

FIFA 20 may be right in front of us, now we can start counting down.

The release date of FIFA 20 is September 27, 2019. If there is no major accident, it is absolute.

Starting today (September 19th), the pre-emptive experience of FIFA 20 will enable players to take full advantage of the preview function of FIFA 20. All visits including FIFA points and FIFA 20 Coins can be extended throughout the game.

At the same time, the FIFA 20 mobile version will also be launched as scheduled. By the way, you must pay for the pre-emptive and official versions, and the FIFA 20 mobile game is absolutely free for all players on mobile devices.

FIFA 20's Web App is now available, allowing players to log in to create a FUT team and complete some challenges to get started with FIFA 20, which is the FUT 20 Web App page.

And you can spend a few hours on it, and if you happen to have free time, developers will be releasing new FUT cards and will be able to use them soon.

In short, before the release of FIFA 20, you will have a very busy week, no matter what you do, please keep the FUT account in good standing, this is the top priority to open the game, please keep it.

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