​FIFA 23 Ultimate Team of the Year is one of the biggest highlights

FIFA 23 Feb-14-2023

Team of the Year is one of the highlights of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team calendar and one of the most popular campaigns, featuring the highest-rated versions of the world's best players. They join the FIFA 23 World Cup badges released earlier this year, as well as the game's regular Legends badge cards. Fans will be able to vote for the top 12 players who will take part in the promotion.

World Cup hero Lionel Messi has finally won the top football prize after one of the greatest players of all time. The Argentine player has earned the highest-ranked joint card in FIFA 23 Coins with a staggering 98 points. Previously, he had a FIFA 23 World Cup team card.

Three players are 97 points behind Messi, including PSG teammate Kylian Mbappé, the tournament's top player in the fight for promotion. Despite the low rating, the French striker's game statistics are better than those of Messi.

Mbappe's starting position is a striker, and his 99 top speed and 98 dribblings make him hard to stop. However, it is the 87 physical stats that give him an edge over his teammates. Players who have performed well on real fields lately will enter FIFA 23 Ultimate Team of the Week.

The latest striker to make the Team of the Year was Ballon d'Or winner Karim Benzema, who helped Real Madrid to another Champions League victory. Of the three strikers, Benzema is the most experienced striker with his key fives in the 1990s, including 97 strikes, making him deadly in front of goal. The update makes Benzema a real alternative to regular names in Ultimate Teams at a very low price.

Despite a poor World Cup performance, Kevin De Bruyne is the top-rated midfielder at 96 after another impressive season at Manchester City. Belgium star Zinedine Zidane is the highest-rated midfielder in FIFA 23. mmoexp will show you how to quickly make him the best FIFA 23 squad. He has the agility of other midfield options, but his numbers make him a good choice.

Jude Bellingham is the only Briton to make the list, but given his potential, we can expect him to appear in several teams this year. With his starting midfield position, 95 rating, and good overall stats, Bellingham is the best all-around midfielder in FIFA 23. Bellingham also has 4-star skill stats, which means he can use most of the new skills in FIFA 23 buy Coins.

This year the players voted for Manchester City striker Erling Haaland. The striker has received a huge boost from his previous top-rated map of 90 in FIFA 23, with a 96 rating making him one of the best strikers in the game. With some of the best physicality among the best strikers in the world, those who find him in the peloton have someone to intimidate opponents. Haaland is one of the most efficient players in FIFA 23 thanks to a powerful new move.

Despite not having the best year on the pitch, Liverpool center-back Virgil van Dijk is the top-scoring defender in FIFA 23 with a Defensive Rating of 97, Physical Strength of 94, and Speed of 88. He teams up with fellow Real Madrid star Eder Militao, who also scored in the last 11. Despite underperforming elsewhere, the Brazilian is a true replacement for everyone's favorite speed player, Van Dijk.

Milan's Theo Hernandez and Paris Saint-Germain's Ashraf Hakimi also played full-backs in two World Cups. Moroccan PSG teammate Neymar was recently featured in a FIFA 23 Centurion promo. Hakimi excelled for his country en route to the semi-finals with a perfect score of 99, making him the fastest player in the competition.

Goalkeepers often have a tough fight for the Team of the Year title, but Courtois earned this award by becoming Real Madrid's next key player in FIFA 23. Regardless, this is arguably the best goalkeeper card in FIFA 23.

The team is once again releasing some of the best cards in FIFA 23 this year, but every card comes at a high price in the transfer market.

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