Guide for Fallout 76 Project Paradise

Fallout 76 May-24-2019

The latest patch for Fallout 76, Wild Appalachia, is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The title of the patch is the introduction of the Project Paradise event, which will take you to a series of underground labs for laboratory testing of subjects that may be unwilling. Please note that players must reach level 50 to unlock new events.

How to complete Fallout 76 Project Paradise Quest?

Stage 1: Filling the trough

Each zone has a tagged container. Don't spend the duration of this phase staring blankly at the trough, wondering why it won't activate.

Depending on where you are, you will find that the surrounding things produce a smoky effect, whether it is radstags, molerats or kelp. Don't simply shoot these enemies around once to wonder why it didn't happen. Kill radstags / molerats and plunder their tagged items or collect kelp. You can use the cheap radiation-proof 76 caps to unlock powerful weapons to defeat those tenacious creatures. Then activate the slot to store.

If you are in the same area, there are others who have not used your most OP shot or "kill everything in the room" explosive weapon. This is not a game to see who can get the most kills or who can store the most items, you want as many people as possible from the Bucks / Mole robbery, so you fill the capacity, more than 60 deposits.

The more you fill the slot, the higher your ranking in the area. The higher your ranking, the easier it is for you in the second phase.

Stage 2: defending the goal

Depending on the level you have in each of the first stages, you will create three different durability targets in the lab, from weaker creatures such as level 0 to more solid creatures such as level 3 dead creatures. Don't spend this phase trying to kill the defensive target.

You must defend these targets against three waves of enemies. Losing all defensive goals will immediately fail. The waves of the enemy produced are not a joke. If you have a small number of participants and a low defensive goal, you may want to prioritize keeping one person alive rather than losing them. On the other hand, if you have more than a dozen power equipment that uses explosive heavy weapons, it is a waste to protect a single target and let the other two targets die.

Stage 3: Kill Alpha

A 100-level legendary enemy will spawn somewhere in the lab. Kill it will complete the event.

Don't give up on your defense goals. Just because alpha is generated doesn't mean that part of the event is over. If the defensive goal is destroyed because you ran away against Alpha, you will fail. Get the tags on Alpha to keep your defensive goals alive.

Like all events with multiple goals, your chances of getting the best rewards will increase as you try to keep your goals.

Some other things to note:

1. Glow Sight is almost indispensable for this event because the game operates on the enemies of the enemies you throw.

2.Explosive Fallout 76 Items or weapons won't hurt your animal partners. Light up, but make sure you have Pacifist enabled.

3. Revival people. If you have the privileges of a surgeon, you can use alcohol to recover them so you don't have to waste valuable energy.

4. Communication. Turn on the microphone and use zone chat. Let others know what you are doing and speak to a third person, such as "Wiener will collect toxic sludge for the feeder."

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