How to Feed Pets in WOW Classic

WOW Classic Nov-22-2019

In World of Warcraft Classic, players always like to keep pets. Pets have six basic abilities: biting, clawing, cringing, roaring, sprinting and diving. To keep pets, you need to learn how to feed them. Do you have some methods of feeding pets? Follow this short article and you will find the answer.

Feed Pet allows hunters to maintain the happiness and loyalty of their pets. If any of these two pet statistics are below a certain default percentage, the pet will become unruly and may eventually abandon the hunter. You can easily track your pet's happiness by using the smiley icon next to the pet display on the screen. Similarly, in the pet's properties dialog, the happiness icon also shows the type of food the given pet will consume.

You can gain a level 10 feed pet ability by completing a hunter training mission. In the Hunter Pet Tame mission chain, you will gain the ability to tame the beast when you tame the third mission pet and return to the trainer. In addition to the ability to tame the beast, you can “go to see” to find another hunter trainer. A short “go to see” mission will reward you with the “feeding pet” ability. Therefore, first acquire the ability to train the animal, then gain the ability to feed the pet, and then tame the pet, but the result is an unhappy pet, you can not be happy or loyal, and will eventually leave you unless you finish the last stop of the task chain. Therefore, be sure to complete the quest line before taming the pet.

Pet happiness is also important because it increases pet loyalty. There are 6 possible levels of loyalty, starting with loyalty level 1 when you first tame your pet. In order to increase your pet's loyalty, you must summon your pet while killing the enemy. If you spend enough time on your pet, your loyalty will increase to 6. The higher the level of loyalty, the more difficult it is to keep a pet full and happy, and it also increases its total training score.

Every pet family eats different types of food, such as meat, fruit or bread. You can find out what type of food your pet will eat by looking at the Pets tab of the Role Info panel. The beast legend will also tell you about the diet of the beast. Or check out our handy pet diet chart. The level of food is also important: it determines if your pet will eat the food you provide. Your pet will refuse to eat too low food! Therefore, it is a good idea to use food that is close to or above the pet level.

You can only have three pets at a time. An active one and two on the horse one. However, when you are tame your pet to unlock, you should keep a free slot open. This way, you can continue to tame and release your pet without having to give up one of the important pets.

Ok, this is the secret to keeping pets. Do you understand? The wow classic gold is the main currency in this game, you can use them to buy equipment, pets and items in the auction house.

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