How to quickly upgrade and quickly reach the highest level in MapleStory 2

maplestory Mar-22-2019

Since the launch of Maplestory 2 on October 1, it has been officially launched for one month. At this point in time, we are very sure that many players have sat comfortably at the highest level of 60. However, if you are an experienced Mapler, we know that a character is not enough from the first game. So here are some tips on how to quickly upgrade in Maplestory 2!

Level 1~50

Focus on the main task

But true. Don't sleep on your main task. The main mission rewards provide so many EXPs that you can easily reach level 50 in about 8 hours. If you level the second character, it should be faster. Just skip all conversations and cutscenes. Make sure you don't be pinned down by the task next to you! If you care about this story, then there are many opportunities to come back and do them. They are mainly looking for tasks, so you won't miss a lot because of the main story.

Give your alt an advantage

If it is your first character, you can't do this in the next one. But if you happen to be practicing alt, move Rotor Walkie Talkies to the chest of Goldus Bank. This will help your alts move faster from one place to another while completing a task. Or, if you want to save these tickets, just use a taxi - just pay Mesos. In addition to Walkie Talkies, you can also quickly install alt via your primary account. Anything that can give it a little boost, really.

Level 50~60

You will think that the last ten is the hardest, but it is easy. At this point, you will complete the main task. Is this where we succumb to the sideline mission? Must not work. This is where your life skills come in handy because they give a flat EXP.

Automatic execution

Once you get the first show from the mission NPC, you don't have to use it in a manual show. In addition to those tasks. This is because when you do it manually, it consumes worksheet usage. However, if it is done by automatic execution, it will not consume usage. Therefore, once you reach 50, the pop-up automatically executes the 30 minute / 1 hour ticket and you will immediately reach level 60.

Automatic fishing

In addition to performances, you can fish, although it is a bit complicated. Using automatic fish tickets from the beginner level is really not worth it. Fishing rankings are also different. This is a big step forward, so I won't, but if I do, it must be an independent guide. If you don't mind adding extra time to your process, manually adjust your fishing level to intermediate and then automatically fish from there.

So how do you decide which one today? Simple - check the top left corner of the screen and look at the ticker. If it is twice the EXP day of the show, then execute and vice versa.

Looking for the world boss

You can surf alone, but it is better to have a party. It really depends on you, it's just a party faster, this is the focus of this guide, is it? Currently, the world boss provides about 15% of EXP at level 50. So if you want to surf and find a boss, or just for automatic ticketing, you can choose to do so. Check the approximate generation time of this MapleStory 2 wiki. This is the list of world bosses. Make sure you kill people on the list instead of elite bosses.

Only! It's easy to reach levels in MapleStory 2. Of course, there are other ways to improve yourself. For example, if your main course has 4 levels of cooking, the pine mushroom stew can provide 50% EXP for 2 hours. However, we have to adopt the easiest method. So it really just - do your main task then automate your skills to your way to 60. Individual, from 50 to 60, I leave my priest to smash tunes (automatically execute) for 6 hours, when I wake up, it is 60 year old.

If you are not 60 years old, you will not get to it if you get there quickly after the chaotic mode is coming on November 8. Struggling to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos get your equipment scored 2100.

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