​In charge of MyTeam Advice In 2K19

nba 2k19 Feb-26-2019

In charge of MyTeam Help!!! Every bold I play online I lose by a minimum of 40pts. I accept been accepting the affliction Division anytime on 2K19 MyTeam arena online and adjoin friends.

I accept been arena 2K for about 3yrs above-mentioned to that I had not played video amateur back 2000. I grew up with all the consoles Atari, Nintendo, Sega, etc. I never got into PS1 or the aboriginal XBox.

I just wanna accord you a abstraction of area I'm advancing from as a gamer.

I aswell accept a actual acceptable basketball I.Q. I'm for abiding aloft boilerplate and accept been seeing NBA amateur reside back I was built-in basically. I aswell ambition you to apperceive that I accept the bold of basketball and that I accept played it in average school ,HS and inter mural in College...

I dont apperceive what I am accomplishing wrong. I abort the computer and absolutely dont accept a affair arena adjoin the computer on All Star level. I'm abiding arena on HOF would advice my game.

But absolutely added than that why is it every individual bold I get destroyed if I play online... and the bold is over consistently able-bodied afore the 1st bisected is even over. It's about like deja vue every individual bold I play.

I absolutely accept no abstraction what I can do to get better. And what's so arresting is that I now additional assumption if I'm even authoritative the players appropriately and if that could be a issue.

If anyone out there plays MyTeam and has a few added account on duke forward me a DM and I will accord you my PSN and maybe you could advice me out. We could babble and you can play me and see what it is absolutely that I'm accomplishing wrong.

I'm accommodating to aswell accomplish it account your time with some VC or nba 2k19 mt if you absolutely do advise me something that can change my bold for the better.

Thanks and what's so arresting that as abundant As I abhorrence and abhorrence is such a able chat and I absolutely do abhorrence it if I lose but I adulation basketball video amateur and 2K is absolutely the best.

I just ambition I could play this bold goood and stop activity that I'm just waisting my activity abroad block something like getting acceptable at this bold and at atomic win some amateur online... but that ability not be possible... it's tough!

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