Last Epoch 1.0 Build Guide: Top 5 Strongest Season Starter Builds

Last Epoch Mar-30-2024

As Last Epoch Patch 1.0 introduces significant changes to skills, classes, and game mechanics, having a well-optimized build plan is crucial for a smooth transition into the new content. Here, we present the top 5 best Last Epoch 1.0 builds, covering each of the five classes, with particular focus on the new subclasses of Warlock and Falconer. Please note that the Warlock and Falconer builds are theoretical concepts and may require testing for validation.

1. Primalist Build - Beastmaster Dot Earthquake


A potent boss-killing and tanky build with a melee playstyle.

Relies on Swipe for early leveling until Earthquake becomes available.

Offers high single-target DPS and excellent survivability.


Very high single-target DPS, particularly effective against bosses.

Tanky with high ward and damage reduction, making it one of the sturdiest builds.

Decent overall clear speed in monoliths, although not as efficient as ranged builds.

Quick power ramp-up as the build progresses, making it an ideal starter choice.

Scales well with gear upgrades, allowing for high corruption level pushes.


Melee playstyle entails higher risk compared to ranged builds.

Earthquake becomes available only at level 35, leading to early-game clunkiness.

Clear speed is not as potent as dedicated screen-clearing builds.

While some legendaries enhance the build, they are not mandatory.

Gameplay Style:

Leap in and utilize frenzy totem and warcry for buffs.

Alternate between swipe and earthquake while managing mana.

Exploit earthquake aftershocks, which scale with the number of totems.

Focus on stacking strength for both damage output and survivability.

2. Sentinel Build - Paladin Hammerthrow Enra's


Excels in fast and safe screen clearing in monoliths with offscreening hammers.

Boasts phenomenal tankiness with layered defenses.

Although single-target DPS is slightly lower, it provides excellent support in various scenarios.


Exceptional clear speed, capable of wiping entire screens due to offscreening hammers.

Very tanky with high armor, max block chance, and strong mitigation.

Scales well without relying heavily on unique/legendary items, making it an ideal starter build.

Offers robust buffs and party support as a Paladin.


Single-target DPS against bosses is relatively slower.

Vulnerable to melee-range enemies when surrounded.

Requires respeccing out of leveling skills like Javelins later on.

Gameplay Style:

Activate buff sigils, hallowed aim, and volatile reversal.

Employ hammer throw as the primary damage source, using smite for mobility and additional damage.

Prioritize nodes like Enra's Technique for crit-based scaling.

Rely on leech, armor, and max block for defenses.

Provide party support and buffs as a Paladin.

3. Mage Build - Runemaster Frostclaw Frostbite


Despite nerfs, remains an iconic legendary farming powerhouse with incredible clear speed.

Offers substantial tankiness and freeze mechanics for defense.

Requires specific gear to unlock its full potential early on.


Maintains strong bossing damage potential even after nerfs, with potential DPS increases in Patch 1.0.

Boasts incredible clear speed due to powerful offscreening from Ice Barrage.

Provides significant tankiness through ranged damage reduction, Ward generation, and Frost Guard buff.

Freezes enemies effectively even at higher levels, offering a robust defense mechanism.


Relies on specific uniques to feel optimized, making it less suitable as a starter build.

Some defensive layers were impacted by the Patch 1.0 changes.

Depends on cooldown skills like Frostwall/Flameward for damage amplification and defense.

Gameplay Style:

Utilize Frostclaw and Ice Barrage for damage, with Runes/Runic Invocation for mobility.

Focus on stacking freeze chance and effectiveness for added control.

Manage cooldowns effectively for skills like Frostwall, Flameward, and Frost Guard.

4. Falconer Build - Falconry Crit


Features a hit-and-run playstyle, leveraging mobility and damage uptime windows.

Possesses high single-target DPS potential but overall efficacy is uncertain until testing.

Offers intriguing defensive layers but requires validation through testing.

Represents a high-risk, high-reward speculative build, with significant testing needed to validate assumptions.


Potential for extremely high single-target DPS on bosses through Falcon Strike hits.

Great mobility provided by Shift and Dive Bomb skills, emphasizing a fast-paced playstyle.

Expected solid defenses from max Glancing Blows, armor, and dodge mechanics.

Scales well through tree and skill nodes even without top-tier gear.

Quick damage uptime in boss fights by spamming skills.


Clear speed unknown and may not match boss DPS potential.

Entirely speculative and untested in the 1.0 live version.

Reliant on specific unique item combos for maximizing defenses.

Difficult to assess the build's performance pre-release without real-world testing.

Gameplay Style:

Constantly activate Falcon Strike, Dive Bomb, and Explosive Trap on cooldown.

Utilize Shift for high-speed movement while attacks are on cooldown.

Focus on boss damage mitigation through various avoidance tactics.

Ramp up damage over short windows through layered skill usage.

5. Acolyte Build - Warlock Torment


Focuses on strong clear and durability but may face challenges with single-target damage.

Offers good Last Epoch 1.0 starter potential, although boss viability requires testing.

Boasts a mobile playstyle leveraging Ghost Flame for movement and defenses.


Expected to deliver extremely strong clear speed with skills like Spirit Plague and Conic Fissure.

Solid tankiness from Ghost Flame mobility skill and its associated defenses.

Scales well as a starter build without relying heavily on rare gear, focusing on core stats.

Smooth mobility provided by Ghost Flame and Transplant for effective dodging in fights.


Boss DPS is uncertain and rated as mediocre due to the Torment skill's one-stack limit.

Playstyle against bosses leans towards standing still, potentially exposing the player to risks.

Entirely speculative until tested in the live 1.0 version of the game.

Uncertainty regarding the smoothness of Ghost Flame control and rotations.

Gameplay Style:

Utilize Spirit Plague and Conic Fissure for clearing massive mob packs.

Employ Ghost Flame for mobility and defensive maneuvers.

Maintain position and cast against bosses, using Ghost Flame for evasion.

Ramp up damage over time through stacking debuffs effectively.

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