​Lost Ark: How To Get Heavenly Harmony

Lost Ark Feb-28-2022

To get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark, players should finish the Co-operation Quests on Harmony Island, a period gated occasion area in western Arkesia.

Agreement Island is an Adventure Island Event in Lost Ark that highlights journeys remunerating players with a wealth of Silver and the Sheet Music Song, Heavenly Harmony. Agreement Island, not to be mistaken for Harmony Shards or different occasions with a comparative name, is a period gated area that will every so often show up off the east bank of Rohendel, inside the Elzowin's Tears Sea. Lost Ark players can see when the island is free by checking their Procyon's Compass, an instrument that shows different Dungeons and planned occasions where players can partake.

To open the Procyon's Compass, players should choose the compass symbol under the minimap in the upper-left corner of the HUD. A menu will show up with a few action tabs to look over. Here, players can track down the timetable data for Harmony Island by tapping on the "Appearance Info" for "Experience Island." As referenced above, Harmony Island is locked behind a clock, so it won't constantly be available like different isles in Arkesia, like Freedom Isle or Blackfang's Den. Notwithstanding, players can follow when the island occasion begins by setting an in-game alert in Lost Ark.

In the wake of showing up on Harmony Island, Lost Ark fans can gain the Heavenly Harmony Song by finishing Co-operation Quests. However, before players can take part in these green gathering missions, they should satisfy Harmony Island's essential journey, "Sublime Harmony." After paying attention to the Gardener NPC's clarification, players can participate in three planned Co-operation Quests.

Lost Ark Song Guide For Heavenly Harmony

One of the green missions is "A Pure Sound," which errands Lost Ark players with moving Sacred Spring Water ×80 to a blossom in the nursery. While this sounds like a dreary endeavor, numerous different players will probably be doing likewise task at the same time, making the work a lot more straightforward to finish. One more mission is "A Fragrant Sound," expecting players to accumulate Fragrant Pollens ×300. Amicability Island's third Co-operation Quest in Lost Ark is "Concordance? Help!" which has swashbucklers play Serenade of Love multiple times.

When these gathering undertakings have been satisfied, players will be compensated with a Chest of Aromatic Sound, Chest of Clear Sound, Chest of Harmonious Sound, or Chest of Sparkling Sound. Every one of these chests is ensured to drop Silver, yet the plunder might possibly contain the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music. Assume players don't get Heavenly Harmony during their first gathering mission chain run on Harmony Island. All things considered, they should attempt again or return to the island some other time when the occasion area in Lost Ark is booked to show up.

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