• Nov-15-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark Reveals Patch Notes for Feast With Friends Update

    Smilegate details its enormous November 2022 update for Lost Ark which introduces a new class, events, and many QoL changes, among other things. The November 2022 update for Lost Ark — Feast With Friends — is timetable to re ...
  • Nov-10-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark Details New Reaper Class

    Lost Ark spreads out every one of the fundamentals of the impending Reaper progressed class for Professional killers, a deft and subtle class with speedy interactivity. Lost Ark has itemized the elements and playstyle of its nex ...
  • Nov-07-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark: 10 Best Mounts, Ranked

    Lost Ark has a few extraordinary mounts for players to get around in style. The universe of Lost Ark is truly growing, with the quantity of mounts accessible to players likewise ascending as the months go on. With each mount bri ...
  • Oct-28-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark Mystics and Mayhem patch notes

    The Lost Ark Mystics and Mayhem update is at long last here. With a lot of new happy showing up during October 26, keep perusing for every one of the subtleties for the new Lost Ark update including the full patch notes, strike subtlet ...
  • Oct-19-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark Update Fixes Issues, and Prepares for Halloween

    Lost Ark's next week after week update is coming tomorrow, and this week is to a greater degree a housekeeping week. However, Halloween is coming, and Arkesia will celebrate. This week, there will be some critical text updates f ...
  • Oct-07-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark's Second Round of Server Consolidations Will Occur on October twelfth

    The second round of server converges for Lost Ark are set to start on October twelfth. This stage will, by and by, bring about servers blending and afterward getting new names. Last time, the server consolidates took a more exte ...
  • Sep-07-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​When to start doing honor shard unas

    What is the best time to switch from larger leapstone dailies into honor shard dailies? I'm guessing that most people have been consuming leapstones dailies and working our minds fried for months , myself too. With GHLs dropping to aro ...
  • Aug-18-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    Lost Ark: ​I main support Paladin

    It's all your decision. I'm a big supporter of Paladin and I like the game a lot. Pros: - Fairly easy to play No need to worry about MVP/DPS Easy to find groups It is not expensive to create the most ...
  • Jul-23-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark is Adding a New Class With the July 2022 Update

    The current month's significant Lost Ark update is bringing a new mage class, lots of personal satisfaction highlights, and an intriguing pool party occasion. Lost Ark's significant update for the period of July is accompanying ...
  • Jul-05-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Lost Ark Heartbeat Island occasion guide

    Our Lost Ark Heartbeat Island occasion guide for the Summer Festival is all that stands among you and getting your Heartbeat Island rewards. We'll assist you with how to begin, how to track down the right area, and how to finish all th ...
  • Jun-16-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    ​Need Guild Growing Advice

    I'm looking for suggestions and ways to increase the number of members in my guild. I currently manage a level 12 guild and an alt guild level 8 but I'm trying to attract and keep active players who are willing to do things like legion ...
  • Jun-07-2022 PST : Lost Ark

    Lost Ark: ​Beren's Neato Bard Chaos Dungeon Build

    I've studied and played with a variety of builds , but I've discovered my personal favorite after a lot of tuning and testing and also transferring some of the information I have learned about Sorcerer build to the Bard. Three m ...
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