​Lost Ark Reveals Patch Notes for Feast With Friends Update

Lost Ark Nov-15-2022

Smilegate details its enormous November 2022 update for Lost Ark which introduces a new class, events, and many QoL changes, among other things.

The November 2022 update for Lost Ark — Feast With Friends — is timetable to release tomorrow, November 16. South Korean studio Smilegate today released its massive patch notes detailing the latest Lost Ark content drop. The 7,000-word changelog spans all that from class additions and new movement events to a wide variety of quality-of-life enhancements, as well as changes to the in-game economy intended to combat cheaters, among other things.

Lost Ark had its South Korean presentation in late 2019 before finally coming toward the West early this year after Smilegate worked out a distributing agreement with Amazon Games. The allowed to-play MMORPG got largely favorable surveys and amassed a seriously global following by today, however its popularity also prompted somewhat of a bot issue underlined by a new cheater cleanse in which more than 1,000,000 Lost Ark accounts were banned.

As for today's patch notes, their main feature is the new Lost Ark Reaper advanced class for assassins which Smilegate already detailed last week. Feast With Friends will also present two new movement events, Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express, which will remain active until January 18 and February 8, individually. No additional Express or Powerpass events are planned in the immediate future, so players awaiting the following month's release of the Summoner advanced class are advised to wait with finishing this time-restricted content.

The November Lost Ark update also streamlines the game's UI, in addition to improving on the mechanics for transferring Mount expertise tree upgrades to gear. The new technique automatically sends these enchantments to the Ability Book instead of expecting players to prepare each individual piece of gear implanted with their ideal impacts. Among that and the new giving mechanics that will be available within fortifications, Lost Ark ought to turn out to be significantly more newcomer-accommodating pushing ahead, especially for the individuals who find veteran players able to support them.

Feast With Friends will arrive under a month after the Spiritualists and Mayhem update, which was itself immediately went before by the Lost Ark Arktoberfest occasion. The upcoming release will thus proceed with the pattern of regular substance updates to Lost Ark that Smilegate maintained since the game's release. It will also continue the studio's battle against cheaters with tweaks like the removal of gold from Rapport and Welcome Mission rewards, which are intended to combat in-game inflation by targeting a few well known ways in which bot accounts generate gold.

The Korean engineer's substance agitating efforts aren't probably going to dial back anytime soon, especially considering the new launch of the Lost Ark Season 2 Ark Pass. The game's web-based local area also appears to be healthy enough right now, with nearly 250,000 individuals playing Lost Ark in the last 24 hours, according to openly available data from the Steam API.

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