​Madden 22: Giants QB Daniel Jones turns into a WR in MUT 22 Blitz promotion

Madden 22 Nov-29-2021

Madden 22 is equipping to dispatch the MUT 22 Blitz promotion, and this Black Friday themed is switching things around for Daniel Jones. We have every one of the subtleties on the new wide collector card uncovered for the quarterback in Madden 22 Ultimate Team as a feature of the MUT Blitz promotion.

Madden 22: Daniel Jones turns into a wide recipient after Week 7 catch

Madden 22 is practically prepared to land their Blitz promotion in MUT 22, and each new occasion of its sort carries new cards to Ultimate Team addressing the NFL's best of the over a significant time span.

One of the principal major uncovers was an astounding one, as New York Giants beginning quarterback Daniel Jones will become a wide recipient in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

The card depends on an astounding stunt play run by the New York Giants back in their Week 7 conflict with the Carolina Panthers, as confirmed by the actual workmanship including a picture from this second.

In the play, Daniel Jones ran a getting course as Giants wideout Dante Pettis got the ball and sent a fantastic 16-yard pass to him that Jones grabbed with a one-gave fingertip get.

Because of the play, EA decided to bring Daniel Jones' evaluations up in the game with a 20-direct lift toward his Spectacular Catch and 10-guide help toward his Catch in Traffic in the Week 7 Roster Update.

While those didn't out of nowhere make him a star wideout, they show EA's acknowledgment of that play, and it's presently meant this thrilling new card.

WR Daniel Jones is an unquestionable requirement have card from MUT 22 Blitz promotion

While it was at that point invigorating to see a Daniel Jones wide recipient card in MUT 22, the uncover of his Blitz promotion expansion additionally showed the potential this card has.

While the 91 OVR doesn't by and large make it the best in MUT 22, it is sufficiently high that Jones is an exceptionally legitimate choice for most crews at this stage in Ultimate Team.

Jones has strong appraisals in all cases, incorporating a 93 in Speed, 95 in Jumping, and 94 in Spectacular Catch all powered by his presentation in that one play.

Maybe generally invigorating for stalwart Ultimate Team players will be the three capacities that Daniel Jones is given, some of which are not frequently seen in wide beneficiaries.

Identifier, customarily a QB capacity, permits players to identify client controlled safeguard before the snap, and this rendition of Daniel Jones gets it for zero AP.

He's additionally got Threat Detector for 2 AP, regularly seen in quarterbacks or hostile linemen as the capacity can feature approaching blitzers on third and fourth downs.

At last, for 1 AP, Daniel Jones likewise gets Slot-O-Matic, which makes him a more fit recipient when getting passes under 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Regardless of whether you're chipping away at a Giants Theme Team or simply searching for an interesting choice at wide beneficiary, this new form of Daniel Jones is one you would rather not pass up.

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