​Madden 22 Season 4: Release Date, Golden Tickets and more coming to Ultimate Team

Madden 22 May-17-2022

A substance plan showed that Madden 22 Season 4 is not too far off. In spite of the fact that we don't have the foggiest idea about the specific subtleties yet, we ought to

How about we investigate what's coming in Madden 22 Season 4.

Madden 22 Season 4 Release Date

Considering the substance plan was recently delivered and Season 3 of Madden 22 started on February 16 we can appraise the day for kickoff.

We expect the Madden 22 Season 4 delivery date to be on Wednesday, May 18. This ought to air around similar time as the new Fan Favorites in Ultimate Team. With Season 4 of Madden 22 liable to highlight more cards and difficulties, there ought to be something else to expect.

Considering we're not a long way from the potential delivery date of Madden 23, we could learn much more about the impending title too.

Content Schedule during the current week

This forthcoming week will uncover a huge load of various things, including more Golden Tickets, Ultimate Legends, Veterans, and that's just the beginning. This will be an incredible opportunity for players in Madden 22 Season 4 to develop an extraordinary Ultimate Team without paying a ton for packs. Of course, you can also buy cheap Mut 22 coins & Madden 22 coins from MMOexp to help you build your ultimate team.

This is the thing we expect during this week, paving the way to Madden 22 Season 4:

Veterans - May 18

Fan Appreciation - May 18

Season 4 - May 18

Brilliant Tickets - May 19

Extreme Legends - May 19

Albeit the dates above aren't true, these are normally the times of the week that we get a Good Morning Madden stream.

Extreme Legends Revealed

On Saturday, May 14, more Ultimate Legends were delivered before the beginning of Madden 22 Season 4. Of them each of the, three cards, specifically, stood out. One of these cards was the LTD Ed Reed, which is a 99 OVR.

Here's who has been uncovered to the Ultimate Legends in Madden 22:

Hostile Legend - Bo Jackson

Guarded Legend - Bruce Smith

LTD - 99 OVR Ed Reed

With additional Legends set to be uncovered, players can hop into Ultimate Team and begin finishing sets today.

Madden 22 Golden Ticket Release

Since we're going to see more Golden Ticket cards during Madden 22 Season 4, we figured it really should investigate the new delivery. Discharge 2 occurred last week, bringing significantly more 99 OVR cards to the stage. We'll list a couple of the large names beneath.

Here are only a couple of the accessible Golden Ticket cards in Madden 22:

A.J. Dillon - HB

Cam Newton - QB

Collin Johnson - WR

LaMar Jackson - QB

Mike Evans - SS

Deion Sanders - WR

William Perry - FB

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