​Madden 22 Thanksgiving Promo: Harvest 1 Players

Madden 22 Nov-12-2021

With Most Feared having traveled every which way for the Halloween season, EA Madden's Ultimate Team movements to the following occasion advancement. The Madden 22 Thanksgiving Promo, otherwise called Harvest, has its first player cards uncovered in front of their drop. Among them will be cautious hotshot Chase Young and wide beneficiary Emmanuel Sanders. These players and more will have upgradaed cards coming for the MUT promotion.

Youthful, Suh, and Sanders uncovered for Madden 22 Thanksgiving promotion

We crap from Most Feared to the Madden 22 Thanksgiving advancement, Harvest 1. Subtleties showed up during Good Morning Madden on Twitch, and @EASPORTS_MUT Twitter. Player cards for the promotion will go in appraisals from 84 OVR Elites up to a 94 OVR Champion player.r

They incorporate Washington Football Team's Chase Young as the Champion. The WFT right end is a Speed Rusher prime example with a 94 by and large evaluating. Top ascribes for this new thing incorporate 94 Tackling, 94 Finesse Moves, 93 Block Shedding, 92 Acceleration, 87 Strength, and 87 Speed.

Joining Young are the two Turkey Bowl Leaders for Harvest 1. For the NFC it's Ndamukong Suh, who has a Run Stopper prime example and 92 OVR. Suh's redesigned thing has 93 Strength, 92 Block Shed, 92 Play Recognition, and 91 Tackling. His card additionally takes into consideration all NFC sciences.

For the AFC, it's Bills recipient, Emmanuel Sanders, with a Deep Threat original. His new card highlights 92 Deep Route Running, 91 Catching, 90 Speed, and 90 Spectacular Catch. Sanders can be utilized with any AFC science in MUT.

Gameday All-Stars' cards can update on Thanksgiving

Certain players from the Harvest discharge are playing in genuine NFL games on Thanksgiving. These player cards get +1 OVR supports if the player or their group accomplishes certain details in their Thanksgiving games.

Dak Prescott is among the 91 OVR Gameday All-Stars for the Madden 22 Thanksgiving promotion. Dak's card includes the Improviser paradigm and incorporates 91 Throw Under Pressure, 91 Run, 90 Deep Accuracy, and 90 Short Accuracy. Other Gameday All-Stars are Eddie Jackson (Bears), T.J. Hockenson (Lions), and Hunter Renfrow (Raiders).

For Eddie Jackson, if the Bears hold their rival to under 350 yards offense, Jackson gets a +1 OVR. If he records a capture attempt in the game, he can likewise get +1 OVR. So Jackson can go up to 93 OVR.

Hockenson's targets incorporate him getting three passes and additionally scoring two scores. For Renfrow, he really wants 50 getting yards, or score two scores. Dak needs to pass for 400 yards as well as score a score. Every single one of these merits a +1 OVR help, with the players ready to get to 93 OVR max.

For Malcolm Jenkins, the Saints need to hold their rival under 425 yards and additionally Jenkins needs a capture. Ultimately, Tremaine Edmunds needs to get six handles and additionally the Bills to constrain a turnover.

Other Harvest 1 players incorporate Cousins, Moore

Beginning quarterbacks Kick Cousins for the Minnesota Vikings gets a card in the delivery. Cousins will be one of the Heroes in the delivery with a 92 OVR. His card incorporates 94 Pass Accuracy, 92 Throw Power, 92 Run, 92 Deep Accuracy, and 92 Throw Under Pressure.

He's joined by Indianapolis Colts CB Kenny Moore. With Moore's 92 OVR card, gamers get key credits at the position including 94 Jumping, 93 Acceleration, 92 Zone Coverage, and 91 Speed.

There will likewise be lower-evaluated cards including the Harvest series 1 Elites which incorporate cards as low as 84 OVR.

The Harvest 1 player things discharge into the game's Ultimate Team mode on Friday, November 12. Notwithstanding the player cards, there will be new difficulties, Solo Battles, and other substance showing up for the advancement.

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