​Madden 22 TOTW 13 Predictions: MUT 22 Team of the Week Players, POTW, Heroes

Madden 22 Dec-08-2021

With one more seven-day stretch of NFL activity in the books, Madden 22 will indeed feature the association's best with TOTW 13 in MUT 22. With a few players conveying meriting exhibitions, our MUT 22 TOTW 13 Predictions will investigate those probably going to be brandishing another card in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Madden 22: Team of the Week 13 Release Date

Up to this point this year, we've seen Madden 22 Ultimate Team keep their most solid consistency with the arrival of each Team of the Week. While we've actually got another game to be played this evening, the principal TOTW 13 uncovers will be declared around 7 pm ET on Monday, December 6, 2021.

Following the principal drop uncovering the Heroes, LTD, and Player of the Week, we ought to get the full MUT 22 TOTW 12 uncover during Good Morning Madden on Tuesday, December 7 at around 10:30 am ET.

When every one of the current week's new players has been uncovered, the cards ought to go live in MUT 22 around 4 pm ET on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, however careful delivery time can shift every week.

Player of the Week 13 (POTW) - Gardner Minshew II

In the wake of being exchanged to the Eagles in August, Gardner Minshew II, at last, got his first chance to begin a game with Philadelphia because of Jalen Hurts being out this week with a lower leg injury.

Minshew didn't baffle by any means, as he went 20 for 25 with 242 passing yards, 2 passing scores, zero captures, and zero bobbles lost as the Eagles overturned the Jets with a 33-18 triumph.

All Players Predictions for TOTW 13

While just a single Player of the Week will be picked, the field for TOTW 13 all in all is somewhat more extensive with six distinct players due to be picked.

Three hostile and three protective champion players will be uncovered, and here are our forecasts for TOTW 13.

Offense: George Kittle, Sony Michel, Diontae Johnson

After a mishmash of exhibitions this year for the San Francisco 49ers, George Kittle had his greatest seven-day stretch of the period with 9 gatherings for 181 yards and 2 scores on 12 targets.

Sony Michel flew off also with 121 yards on 24 hurrying endeavors and 1 score, while Diontae Johnson was a distinction producer with 8 gatherings on 11 focuses for 105 yards and 2 scores.

Protection: Carlos Watkins, K'Waun Williams, Daniel Sorenson

Daniel Sorenson had one of the most astounding plays of the week as he caught a block attempt and returned it an entire 75 yards for a score.

Carlos Watkins caught his very own pick-six that was returned 20 yards, and K'Waun Williams made his essence felt with a capture, a constrained bungle, and 4 performance handles.

MUT 22 LTD and Heroes

Notwithstanding the cards featuring the best of 2021's Week 13, we'll likewise see a couple of cards in the TOTW 13 arrangement that looks to the past. Every week an LTD is picked that features a solid Week 13 execution from an earlier year by a player that is as yet dynamic in the association.

What's more, the Offensive and Defensive Hero feature resigned players who had champion Week 13 exhibitions previously. These are famously hard to anticipate with such countless choices on the table, and they frequently depend on who Madden has concurrences with to keep utilizing their name in content.

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