​Madden 22: Ultimate Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team in MUT 22

Madden 22 Oct-06-2021

Madden 22 Ultimate Team will by and by see numerous players working in quest for their top choices, and for some that implies building the best Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team.

With such countless spots to begin in MUT 22, we've pinpointed probably the main cards you'll have to begin making a definitive Raiders Theme Team in Madden 22.

Madden 22: Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team

Recall that you're not going to complete a Theme Team immediately in Madden 22 except if you're prepared to drop huge loads of true cash on in-game money.

It's all essential for a cycle, and Theme Teams are continually advancing as new cards get dropped and MUT 22 changes consistently.

In any case, it's a cycle that is beyond what awesome as you can either construct an impressive crew with high Team Chemistry or basically outfit your arrangement with your top picks.

Whatever your motivation, we have subtleties here on where to begin in case you're wanting to construct a Raiders Theme Team.

Best Raiders MUT 22 Cards

With such countless Raiders greats from the at various times as the group keeps on acquiring force, chances are there may be more epic alternatives as the year goes on.

Notwithstanding, we've investigated a portion of the pieces you can get right presently to begin the correct way to building your Raiders Theme Team in MUT 22.

Protection: Ted Hendricks, Mike Haynes, Phillip Buchanon

It's Legends time for the Raiders protection, and there's a couple ever greats you can add to your crew, beginning with two Legends LTDs for Ted Hendricks at ROLB and Mike Haynes at CB.

In addition, you'll need to catch one more incredible cornerback choice with Campus Heroes Phillip Buchanon. These three are among the best Raiders accessible in MUT 22, and they will be colossal for your protection.

Group DIAMOND: Jack Tatum

In case you're fabricating a Theme Team, it's consistently a flat out must to get the Team Diamond, as they're a customarily solid player as well as give an enormous Team Chemistry help.

For an expected Raiders Theme Team, that implies you want to get Team Diamonds Jack Tatum, who will be one more cautious resource at wellbeing.

OFFENSE: Darren Waller, Jerry Rice, Richie Incognito

In all out attack mode side of the ball, the hands down most should have card (and shockingly a costly one) is LTD Darren Waller, who additionally turns out to be one of the most mind-blowing tight finishes in all of MUT 22.

Geniuses Richie Incognito is a strong choice that will help lockdown your hostile line, and Legends Jerry Rice is sensibly evaluated yet at the same time significant choice at wide beneficiary.

Other Ultimate Team Options

As usual, the Theme Team measure will be a pound, and you're probably not going to have a full all-Raiders arrangement like you need directly out of the entryway.

Work with the cards you have and what you're ready to bear, and simply continue to chip away at it as your Raiders Theme Team will keep on improving in the event that you work on it.

Luckily the Raiders have a ton of reasonable mid-level alternatives during the 80s and high 70s in their appraisals that will help as you pursue the best Raiders accessible.

Center Gold Derek Carr will be fundamentally your main choice under focus, yet great weapons like those referenced above and Core Elite Josh Jacobs at running back can assist make with increasing for that until a superior Raiders QB card shows up in MUT 22.

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