​Madden 23 Beta: Looks like no big changes to Franchise again

Madden 23 Jul-03-2022

Small additions to contract negotiations as well as minor tweaks to scouting to simplify it. This is all I've seen so far. Everything else appears to be in the same place, including the team's relocation.

I'm still slogging throughout the year. I'll update if I detect any other differences, but I'm not having high expectations.


Gameplay - I played Week Two of Titans Chise game against the Bills. The ball was thrown once, just one time in the third quarter, and that was all. I was down 7-3 at the break.

The week 3 contract negotiations was opened. There are no either back or front loading contract. The only thing that is available are contract template templates for structure.

Team Friendly


Player Friendly

Very Player-Friendly

Custom (this only allows you to alter the year, salary and bonus as you did in the previous years)

It's a massive disappointment. Contracts were an integral aspect of this year. However, with the new FA tags. They do not have front load or back load options, nor do they have spread options or player/team options. It's time to take a look at NBA 2K for contracts.

Trades: Throughout the last two weeks, there was only one trade between CPU. Bengals traded the Steelers (talk about poor reasoning) Lamont Gaillard for Dan Moore and Trey Edmunds.

Sim stats: CPU sim statistics are approximately the same as they were last year. They should also consider 2K and let you change the sim stats for the length of a specific quarter.

Scouting: They've changed places of the purpose of focusing scouting. Instead of only focusing on specific positions like the LT, RT/LE or RE, you are now able to be scouting OT, Interior OL, DE, OLB etc.

Edit: The screen for prospects now displays the top 4 related characteristics on the right side of the slide for the player. Example : WR shows CIT/CTH/DRR/RLS (thought it could be a specific scheme but it's not)

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