Madden NFL 24: What to Expect from the Upcoming Game

Madden 24 Jun-01-2023

Today, we're going to dive into all the latest details we know about Madden 24. Let's jump right in and explore the upcoming features, release dates, and improvements we can anticipate from the game.

Release Date

Based on previous releases, we can expect Madden 24 to hit the shelves sometime in mid to late August, just a few months away. Historically, Madden has launched around the 18th or 19th of August, so a release date between the 15th and 20th of August seems plausible.

Available Platforms

Madden 24 is expected to be available on all major consoles, including the next-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S), as well as the previous generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). However, there might be a shift in how updates and patches are handled for the different versions. Similar to NBA 2K's approach, it appears that Madden is considering separate development for next-gen consoles and PC, while the old-gen consoles receive a different version. Additionally, cross-play is expected to be introduced for the first time in Madden, likely supporting the next-gen versions and PC.

Development Challenges

The Madden development team is reportedly under significant pressure to deliver a well-received game. Over the past few years, Madden has faced criticism for not being as enjoyable as previous installments. EA, the publisher, seems aware of the dissatisfaction and is likely pushing the development team to improve the game's quality. There are even rumors of a well-done NCAA football game on the horizon, and EA knows that a good Madden game is essential to complement its release. With the same development team working on Madden for the past two decades, some fans are hoping for fresh voices and new ideas to revitalize the franchise.

Increased Customization and Player Options

One of the most anticipated aspects of Madden 24 is the promised increase in customization and player options. Fans are looking forward to having more control over leagues and experiencing a greater sense of immersion in the game. With improved customization, players can tailor their experience to their preferences and create unique gameplay scenarios.

Franchise Mode Improvements

Franchise mode has long been a staple of the Madden series, but recent iterations have left players disappointed due to various bugs and issues. The previous year's franchise mode was particularly plagued with problems, making the overall experience frustrating for players. However, there is hope that Madden 24 will address these issues and deliver a more stable and enjoyable franchise mode. Whether you prefer playing as a player, coach, or GM, the expectation is for a significant improvement in the franchise experience.


In summary, Madden NFL 24 is highly anticipated by fans, who are eagerly awaiting its release. The game is expected to launch in mid to late August, with cross-play support and separate development for next-gen consoles and PC. The development team is under pressure to deliver a high-quality game and rectify the shortcomings of previous installments. Players can look forward to increased customization, expanded player options, and hopefully, a more polished franchise mode. Buy packs and players with the virtual currency Madden 24 MUT coins, improve your team and win more games and rewards. Let's hope that Madden 24 exceeds expectations and offers an enjoyable football gaming experience.

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