Maplestory M tips and tricks

maplestory Apr-26-2019

Do all the tutorials because they give you 50k Maplestory M Mesos each.

Powders and gold leaves are not readily available at higher levels. You can get most of the powder from your achievements to complete the task and gold leaf. After that, you will have to hone on Netts Pyramid and Expeditions every day to get more. (It is recommended to touch these content later in the game).

Make sure your pet pot is set up correctly, I recommend setting the automatic pot to around 50% depending on your situation.

You will receive 14 days of pets that will grace you, so make sure you make the most of it.

Don't worry too much about how best to assign your skill points to the first three jobs, because you may complete your fourth job in a few days. Just test each skill because you have already assigned 1 point. In addition, you should be aware that all skills at each level of work will eventually be maximized.

If possible, look for a senior guild because you can get more out of it. If you decide to try a jump, there will be a day of cooldown.

If you die because you didn't lose the EXP or anything, don't worry, you just have to wait 10 seconds for the rebirth.

You can equip any type of weapon at any level.

If you want to meet people to make a dungeon, then the first channel is where everyone is, but at a lower level, it is unlikely that many people are looking for other people to work together as a dungeon.

Automated tasks and auto-navigation keep you from being harmed by surrounding monsters.

In the case of leeches, there is no limit to the level difference, so level 100 can share EXP with party members at level 20.

It is recommended that you use 3 epic powders as a break bonus as you will need these powders for your equipment upgrade later. It is possible to claim this at the age of 80.

If your phone doesn't have enough memory, the app will crash a lot, especially in Zakum raid and Netts. Turn down the display settings to show only your injuries and pets.

If you go to Options - Effects - Change camera, you can zoom out so that you can view Maplestory M further.

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